Finding Peace within the Storm

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Developed during the approach and onslaught of Hurricane Katrina. Written while the world is in its deepest darkness, its most volatile violation of Human rights, When wars and borders separate the Human family, pitting brother against brother, And compassion for the future and its children seems to have died, Buried in a heap of lost dreams...

We find hope in the pages of this book.

Finding Peace Within the Storm examines the relationship between Human behavior and weather patterns; explores ecological, historical and Human emotional connections to the frequency and velocity of earthquakes, tidal waves and storms; and gives an overview of the mystery and history of New Orleans.


Kaih Khristé King
Mystic, Philosopher and Emissary for Truth and Ascending Consciousness.

"The insults we suffer in life either make us stronger or they destroy us. In every challenge to our comfort zone comes opportunity. Sometimes, it's difficult to find the blessing in a disaster ... but there is always one there."

"For those who die in tragic circumstances there is God's Mercy and His Plan. We live for a purpose. We also die with a purpose. In this world of duality, we are all born at an appointed time and we all keep our appointment with death."

"The answers to the mystery of birth, life and death belong to God alone. But, we do know this: because there are infinite numbers of Universes and God continues to give birth to an ever-expanding God, because there is Everlasting to Everlasting, death can only result in birth and what appears to be temporal is always immortal. Death is simply a way to recycle and reshape energy."

"While darkness seems to prevail, we ask if illumination, stemming from ascending Human consciousness, could save our planet and our people ... and can the peaceful efforts of even one person make any difference in what appears to be an unsolvable worldwide mess."

"The answer lies within the heart of Humanity. Each person is vital to the outcome ... both personally and universally. If we are determined to correct personal behavior that can create outpourings of negative energy we will no longer feed negative thought patterns that manifest warlike conduct in others."

"If we think peace ... and generously share our blessings we can rise above conflict and act from there. It only takes one person to stir the pot in a different direction."

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