Finding Peace within the Storm

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Excerpts from the Introduction

God didn't spill us out into this life like a bag of marbles onto the floor. There is purpose to each life, even when there is no evidence. The Garden of Eden is the Universe, the Tree is the Cosmos. The Apple is choice. That's what we bit into.

The choices of each person make up the world we live in. If we want a better world we must choose well, live inside integrity, and love the hell out of everybody.

You make a difference and so do I. We may find ourselves riding out a few storms together but storm clouds can't hide the sun for long. And, we mustn't forget the rainbow, theres always one there, even when we cannot see it.

Our choice to be sincere and helpful, and our prayers, can be a lifeboat to those lost at sea. When we choose kindness, compassion, service to others and meditation, when we make self-correction and Ascending Consciousness our goals -- when we work on developing a real relationship with our Creator, we become a part of the power that can change weather patterns, end hatred and bigotry, manifest peace and happiness for ourselves and for those who are lost but willing.

There are moments in life when statements such as the above, ring in our ears like breath through a hollow tube whistling Dixie. The idea of choice and command in life, may seem false in the light of tremendous global suffering, where profound anguish surrounds helpless victims undergoing the most atrocious conditions life can provide.

The voice of hurricanes and tornados across the United States shout warnings of storms to come, the earthquake in the general region of Pakistan killing thousands and leaving many more to endure the consequences of life in almost unbearable circumstances rumble, "What's next?" -- and killer mud slides in the Philippines are all part of a protest that Mother Earth is expressing.

These events are only a part of an ever-increasing series of natural catastrophes that may be imposed on huge numbers of our Human population, as well as the uncounted losses suffered in the entire chain of life, if we do not make the needed changes in our collective Human behavior. And that responsibility begins with you and me. It ends there as well.

Certainly, many will question the validity of ideas that maintain that the investment of any individual makes any difference, at all, when the nature of Nature overwhelms or inhuman treatment is imposed against the weak and the innocent.

But the Law of One is real and it is one of the most astute Laws governing our local Universe. It is also complex and sophisticated, and it deeply relates to the Law of Compassion.

Think of it this way; picture a canoe on a lake carrying ten passengers. At the beginning of their cruise they are evenly spaced with five on each side, so their weight is evenly distributed. One person sees a large fish in the water swimming alongside the boat and shouts to a friend to come over and look. Carefully one, then two, move across and lean over to see the fish. Soon another, then another cross over until the canoe is completely unbalanced, and begins to tip. A single person sees the problem and quickly moves back, creating the balance to establish safety. Because of this one person's action, others follow and nobody gets dunked.

Life on planet Earth is more like a roller coaster ride than a trip in a canoe, but to make my point, its easy to unbalance the scheme of things just by putting too much weight off-center. The Law of One says that the wisdom of just one person can put things back in balance, that if we put one lamp in a darkened room, the dark dissolves into Light.

Humanity has more to do with planetary conditions than we care to admit. This book offers an internal look at how the activities, emotions and relationships of mankind affect weather patterns and planetary upheavals.

Information given in these pages, regarding certain global conditions and Human behavior, is not meant as criticism or intended to focus on negative topics. However, in order to speak about solutions to our concerns for a sustainable future for mankind, it is necessary to review some of the issues.

I would love to write a book all about romance and happiness and forget about dealing with issues that confront us. Maybe someday I'll get to do that, but right now we are faced with a world in turmoil. It's clear, what has been going on must end, because it takes our breath away. Literally, breath is dissipating. Most of the air we breathe is so contaminated with mental misconceptions and physical pollutants that the winds must blow.

Earth is as much a child to us as she is a mother. She is a transformational being with feelings and the ability to respond to those feelings. She is emotionally connected to the sentient life she harbors. The massive amounts of blood, spilled in the name of freedom, make the planet weep -- so the rains come down and blizzard snows ice the landscape.

When thousands of sprawled bodies, the victims of planned genocide, litter Earth's waterways, floods rise and waves pound. Every time a woman is raped Mother planet feels it and when children are violated Child planet screams in protest and a loud response in earthquakes, fires, floods, waves and winds are the result. Every unnatural, unloving act imposed by the ignorance of man is known, felt and responded to by this planet. She, who has given us our body and form, has the right to expect us to be a part of her soul in exchange.

Mother Earth or Child Planet, with the aid of her Devas and Elementals, respond in kind to our Human activities.

This is our defining moment and we must not let fear immobilize us. We still have time and opportunity to change the cycle we are currently contending with. But we cannot wait for another time, one that is more convenient or when we feel more like it -- not so tired -- miss the concert -- answer the cell phone -- watch the ball game or play a computer game, kind of thing. We can have a safe and happy environment but we must act on behalf of the goal -- peace on Earth and plenty for all. And let's not forget happy talk, lots of happy talk!

To succeed, we must initiate the kind of changes that will put us in a safety net and we must begin now. The old saying, "A day late and a dollar short," pretty much sums up where we are. If we do not shift into Higher and Lighted consciousness, the predictions of absolute disaster will manifest, and the end will come more quickly than the blink of an eye.

But all is not lost. Just a few devoted lovers of peace and brotherhood can make a huge difference; can create total triumph for life, love, peace everlasting and a New Heaven and a New Earth.

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