Opening the Codes within the Lord's Prayer


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Long ago, in a time quite different than today, a God Man named Jesus, walked among the educated and the unknowing, the rich and the poor, the suffering and the elite.

He touched the dead and they lived. He breathed on the blind and they were given sight. His rich baritone sang into the wind and deaf people heard celestial music. Throngs gathered in His laughter, ate meals of unleavened bread and fishes (baked in invisible ovens), while He spoke of things unimagined.

In the days when He walked the Galilee Jesus gifted the people with a prayer that not only gave them words to say but also carried within the words a Code—one that conveyed an even more potent intensity, for the conversion of Human behavior, than is historically understood.

Over time, through many translations, in many languages, The Lord’s Prayer has remained the Song of our hearts.


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