Opening the Codes Within the Human Odyssey



The codes within the human odyssey were left by our ancestors to help us read between the lines of written and accepted history – to guide us to the secrets embedded in the human brain and within our DNA.

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Long ago, before written history, an energy-line was occurring beween two groups of conscious beings. One evolving on the Earth plane, the other descending from the stars – both destined to merge. The story of how man became Human is fascinating and within the pages of this book the tale will be told.

Our ancestors knew there would come a time when we would hunger for the truth of our being. Slowly and softly we are receiving the ‘salting’ of a new paradigm into our dream-time. Soon we will wake refreshed and renewed. We are entering a time when suffering and death will simply be accepted as a bad dream – an era of immeasurable peace and plenty is being born.

Humanity has been living in the dark night of the soul, sleepwalking. But, while we wandered with our eyes closed, Divine Love has been creating a Dream for us, one that will restore the memory of the golden years we experienced long before written history. Open this book and discover who you really are!


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