January 2012

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The Dolphin And The Elephant And The Butterfly

Here we are, in the much anticipated year 2012!


Expect these 12 months to become preparation for the changing of “The Guard.” As a result the common expectations of the Human Community will shift dramatically. Prepare for the unexpected. Those who control the systems that currently rule this world are working frantically to maintain the status quo. But the status quo is blowin’ in the wind and no one can catch the wind. The wind may play in your windmill or in your sails, it may bite at your pant leg or push at your back, but the wind cannot be caught, stilled or controlled; and neither can the passage of time.

There is an old-time story that captures the essence of where the world’s leadership stands today. Picture, if you will, a circus elephant as a baby. He is tethered to a short rope. Over the years, he grows into his full, mature size. Huge and strong, he remains tethered to the same rope, tied to a small peg that was pounded into the earth; many years ago when he was but a babe. He has grown into a powerful bull who could easily break the rope or pull the peg from the ground. But he doesn’t know he can. He remains a captive because he has been conditioned to the past. He is limited and knows not his real power, so he remains in place, tied to the vision of a system that he could easily break free from. But he doesn’t know he can ... so he doesn’t.

This year, 2012, is the changeling. The historical past is past. The era of, “How things were done in the good old days by the good old boys” has been completed. As this fresh, new era unfolds, some (among our earthly population), will emulate the elephant; captured in old paradigms of bygone eras.

Others will imitate the dolphin. The dolphin is the portrait of those who will not be held to ideas that limit body, mind and soul. Dolphins are the spirit of freedom! Think about it! Dolphins are citizens of the briny deep; and as if on wings, they also occupy the airwaves. The dolphin family is the role model for the New Breed of Humans; able to roam the time-waves, at home in inter-dimensional space, open to the suggestions of Angels and willing to step up to God’s Table and sample the food of the gods.

2012 is a bridge past the End and to the Beginning. But here is what must be noted. In any beginning, entities are newborns. They need tending, training and must be prepared for experiences unlike those from previous lifetimes. Real work and many tests can be expected in 2012, the fantastic year of transformation.

Human society has been like the caterpillar; moving low to the ground until it bumps into a tree. There are those who will climb the tree and those who will not. 2012 is The Tree. 2012, the time to climb! Some will make it to the waiting cocoon, some will leave it for another time. Those who make their metamorphosis and leave the cocoon as a transformed creature will be ready for a New Garden; or what the Hopi, People of Peace, call The Fifth World. Each individual who makes the effort to fulfill his or her transformation does so for all societies. At the appropriate time, and in God’s own way, all will come to experience the Chrysalis; because you chose to make the effort on behalf of all Life!

We could call 2012 the year of the Butterfly. To the Hopi, the butterfly represents woman. This year the Feminine Principle will descend from Grandmother Spider Woman, the weaver of creation. Her silken threads will cover the heads of the New Breed. Translated: Right thinking, right action. This is the time of the heart … of the Return to a Matriarchal Society.

Mother rules by inspiration, education and example. Mother does not break up family units to send her offspring to war. Mother does not see the weak as a problem. She spoon feeds them Love. She is blind to the demands of the foolish ones who view children and women as chattel.

2012, the Mother will enter the heart of Humanity. For those with closed and stoney hearts she will wait for a vulnerable moment and then enter. On the killing fields, the sounds of saber clashing will cease as warriors tire of combat. Yes, old men, from the safety of their director’s chairs, will continue to plan wars and punishment. But the young men and women (sent to do the deed) will cease to continue; no longer able to face the haunting truths of battlefields.

2012, it won’t be an easy ride. There is work to be done and many steps to climb. The first step is an inside job. Recognize the corrections in personal temperament that must be made and when anger or dominance, depression or self-degradation, fear, half-truths or lies appear; cancel, clear and correct; then wipe the slate clean.

Picture (if you will) a very large theater. The audience is being seated; the stage is darkened, the velvet curtain of night remains closed. The audience is now seated, the curtain parts and slowly the stage is illuminated as musicians enter and find their chairs and begin to tune their instruments. The choir files to a riser in the back as the conductor enters the stage.

2012 is a theater with a darkened stage cloaked in midnight blue. The audience are observers. They bought a ticket to ride but they are not sure where they are going or what to expect. The musicians know their place, their instruments and the music set before them. They have prepared for this experience. The musicians begin to tune their instruments. To the audience this sounds like uncomfortable noise. For much of 2012 the noise will seem to outweigh the anticipated music of the Spheres. But remember, the so-called noise is simply the heavenly orchestra preparing to grace our ears with glory.

The Conductor is Christ. He knows His musicians for He has trained and educated each one. He bows to the audience knowing one day they will take stage and play the sonata He has personally written for them. But for now, He turns to face His musicians.

A long pause. Silence! Those in the audience feel breathless. His baton poised in midair, the musicians await His instructions. The downbeat! From the back the tympani thunders a shocking, mind-blowing bellow, startling the audience, causing them to rise from their seats. Silence! Seated once again, the congregation releases a long breathy sigh. The Conductor bows to the assemblage and then to His musicians. He lifts His baton to bring forth sweet and mellow tones from violins, cellos, flutes and oboes, harp and chimes, to caress the minds of the audience members.

The moral of this story is this: We have choices. We can choose not to enter the theater of Life. When we do enter, we can choose to a member of an audience watching others portray Life’s music. Or we can participate in the symphony titled God’s Plan.

Globally, the tympani is roaring. Soon will come silence … a pause … a breath. To be followed by sweet and mellow tones to sooth the heart of Humankind … and even the beast. We can choose to be an observer or we can make the rewarding effort to become a musician to work with others who compliment our playing with their own special instruments. The Orchestra is composed of Light Workers; sincere contributors for the betterment of all, who carry no badge of distinction except their willingness, their compassion, their passion and their Love for all Life.


Kaih Khristé King


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