November 2011

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

When the Universe Smiles on You


We have entered a time like no other. For many, it is a time of confusion, high emotions and immense societal shifts. Earth and her inhabitants are passing through many stages of opportunity … through many stages of consciousness. The shift in the north and south poles anticipated in many ancient prophesies is actually a shift in people … a shift in the structure of society.

We incarnate to expand our reality. When we were fiery Spirits we were spilled out of the Central Sun into this cosmos. Stars and planets, asteroids and comets became our teachers, touched our flame and let us go. When we came into Earth she became our teacher. She taught us physicality. From her minerals she built our bones. She dipped her hand into her seas and structured blood and muscle and sinew. She taught us the confinement and limitations of the Human body.

Education requires many lessons and many graduations. It is easy to recognize the lessons of poverty, struggle, grief and suffering. Being imbued with wealth is a lesson unto itself. So is physical beauty, good breeding, privilege, stature and power. The lesson is: what do we do within the experience. More important than what this Earth has taught us, is what we do and how we act and react within our experiences.

The Master John says, “After we die there are only three questions asked. “What did you contribute? What did you learn? And did you learn to be kind?”

When we are blessed in our life, when things are going our way, it is our opportunity to smile on others, especially those less fortunate. When we are blessed to be on the peaks of the social ladder, the richest thing we can experience is to help those who are still climbing.

In America, during the past thirty years there has been an increase of 275% in the wealth of the 1% who are at the top the social ladder. While the middle class enjoyed a 40% increase and the poor are struggling to even ‘find the ladder.’ While the rich are buying yachts as large as commercial ocean-going liners, and purchasing so many mansions they can’t visit them all in a year, congress is studying ways to deprive the poor, the sick and the aging populations of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security benefits. Such programs are not entitlements. They are investments in Humanity! It is just good sense to invest in social structure and create a sturdy foundation to support the rise of the temple of mankind.

Question: where will the frosting be if there is no cake? The wealthy need the workforce and they can change the status of society so that there are no people at the bottom rung of the social ladder. The ‘Privileged’ must understand that their blessings are to be shared. I am not making a case against the wealthy. To rise to the top like cream in a bottle of milk is the American Dream. A dream all nations want to enjoy … and it is a God-given right … for all. Wealth should be enjoyed. But excess is what we speak of here. Humanity is more than a community, it is a family. At this point a dysfunctional family but none the less a family. We are a family that allows hunger and suffering of our own. Crime and addiction haunt the streets where the poor cluster. Most crime is caused by envy. The ‘have-nots’ want! Addiction is caused by inner despair, all too often caused by an individual’s experiences from the outer world’s despair.

Wealth brings with it the responsibility to build a social structure wherein safety and well-being can be experienced by all. We are all rich in one manner or another. To create and live in a peaceful vibrant society we must invest in each other. At this moment, for some, it may be the investment of a crust of bread shared with a brother, or a woman who mothers the children of a sister who works and contributes to the community. It could be as simple as a warm smile and a howdy-do, or as grand as the acts demonstrated by Doctors Without Borders. The point is, to live in a safe and healthy environment, the statement, “This is mine,” must become, “This is ours!”

Jesus said, “The Truth will set you free.” And today, the often repeated statement, “We are one,” is a truth we cannot deny. If one suffers we all suffer in some way. Do we want to rid our vocabularies of the words cancer, heart disease, parkinson’s, brain tumors and the wages of war? How about the words haves and have-nots? We can live in peace, health and happiness. And we can experience oneness by investing love, generosity and appreciation into the Human condition.

So how do we begin? Right now, each one of us has something we can share with another. For some it will look large and for others it will appear small … it’s the act that matters. Whenever we give to another we actually do it for ourselves. The sweetest prayer to God’s ears are our kind words and praise to each other. We fill God’s heart when we fill someones belly. When we are generous and kind the Universe smiles on us.

In the midst of noise I found sound
In the midst of sound I found silence
Amid silent probings I heard a heart beating
And felt for the first time my spirit relating
To bells softly chiming and voices sweetly singing
Singing, love me, see me, know me, for I am you


This is the era of The Return! A return to compassion and generosity. A return to balance and good sense. This is our Return to our Father who created the soul and Spirit from whence we came. Smile on each other! This is our Return!


Kaih Khristé King




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