May 2011

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The Human Body and the Universe

Beauty, Love, Light and Grace

Three times a week I work out in a physical therapy environment. To get there I travel a country road that carries me over Arizona’s Verde River. Lining the river are scores of giant cottonwood trees. I started my therapy during winter when the trees were bare accept for bouquets of mistletoe. Mistletoe is a parasite that drains energy from trees and it is sad to see old trees losing their battle with their unwanted visitors. It made me think that much of Humanity is in a winter space, devoid of their leafy dressings. But then I realized when we are naked we can see what is not in our best interest, do some soul searching, and with God’s Grace, remove the attitudes that drain our ability to love one another.

Springtime comes. The trees begin to shimmer. Trembling in spring rains, I watched as many of the cottonwoods dropped the mistletoe from their branches, replacing bare spots with fresh new veils of green leaves. I thought about Humanity in this trembling and often painful moment, shedding old thought patterns that no longer serve the moment. We are giving birth to a totally new and different society that cannot stay in the womb of old beliefs. Humanity is ‘leafing’ out; putting on a garment of green Light. Everything is saying go!

Only days ago there was a large audience that believed predictions of a horrifying end to the masses while an elite few were to be ushered into Heaven. Such ideas are garnered from historical rhetoric and rest unproven and false. Like the cottonwood trees, who let go of clinging parasites that rob them of their vitality, Humankind can no longer remain the host to ideas that shackle us to the past. As we release ideas that do not express universal Love we live in the moment. And we see clearly the beauty and grace in all creation.

Our summer approaches. The cottonwoods are fully dressed with new garments of green, the life force is pulsing through their bodies and bird friends are preparing nests for their young. Humanity is in the summer wine of our evolution. Like the cottonwoods we are rich with new growth. The cottonwood knows it is a cottonwood. It also knows it is the forest … and the mountain … and the stream.

Humanity has seen itself as separate from the rest of creation. Although we are unique, we have forgotten we are are a part of all life and that we must invest in each other. This is our season for reason!

We have been on a very long voyage through time and space. Time, rhythm, dance … that is all time is. Space is the dance floor. We have danced the night away and are being prepared to awaken to a new dawn. But somewhere in time (during our karmic journey), we fell out of sync with the music, stepped on the toes of other dancers and invented blame. We blamed … God didn’t!

The word ‘blame’ is spelled ‘be lame.’ Blame is crippling. So, we stopped dancing and sat down. And we went down ‘in the dumps.’ God’s joyful Love Song couldn’t penetrate the blues we came to know. We focused on our sorrows and we felt unworthy. There is no such thing as a born sinner. I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again, it’s a spelling mistake. We need to replace the ‘s’ with a ‘w.’ We are born winners!

Everything created, under the Sun and beyond the Rainbow, is created by and in Perfection. Remember, Life, time and space, is simply a dance. We can waltz through it, do a jittery quick step or dance the Light Fandango … it’s just a matter of choice. Choice! We are dancing in our choices! The idea that God tossed us out of the Garden is impossible because God does not punish the Life God creates.

All Life is important to all that is created and to the Creator of that Life. Our confusion comes from centuries of misinformation. The magnificence of Creator’s intention cannot be diminished. And God’s Will cannot be explored or predicted. We experience the depths of God’s Love when we are willing to swim in our true and most Divine Nature.

This is the season for reason. This moment is opportunity! This is the defining breath of fresh air. It is time to know who we are and what we sprang from. Imagine, if you will, a fiery Bird of Paradise, nesting in the sacred Tree of Life that spans this Universe. The Bird is composed from notes and tones that comprise the entire starry Universe. The birthing of our local Universe emerged from God’s Love Song. The Bird, the nest, and the Tree (from its roots, to its leaves, on its smallest and tallest branches), are composed in the same harmonics as the God that created them. Each note, phrase and impulse are created to compliment all the Life that God is!

In God’s Creation there are no insignificant parts. None are separate from the others. Nor are some greater and others less important. The old saying, “God don’t make no junk,” says it all. Everything created is perfectly mated and matched to compliment everything that is.

So, we do God an injustice when we say the Human is unworthy or a born sinner. The Human is perfectly attuned to the rise and fall of the other instruments that make up the Universe. Our souls are not handicapped by the physical body. Quite the contrary! The Human body is perfectly created as God’s personal musical instrument. An instrument created to compliment the full orchestration of God’s symphony of Love!

The Human is God’s Bird of Paradise. The nest is the Cosmos. The Tree is this Universe … the nesting place for the hatching of new Life … made in the image of perfection.

There is no such thing as an end time. God is a good housekeeper and is an expert at recycling. Everything that God creates has purpose and value. Everything! Every religion is meant to compliment every other. Just as all races, cultures and traditions are created as relations … not differences.

All creatures are created for God’s pleasure. To God there is no value difference between a planet or a sun, an elk or a bear, a man, a woman or a child, a photon or an atom.

All is created for relationships. One enriches and brings Life More Abundantly to All!

The Many are the One!


Kaih Khristé King


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