February 2011

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2011 Our Generation’s Sputnik Moment

In the Light of a New Dawn

The year we are spinning in is more than a mark in time. It is an entryway. Those who proceed, have made a conscious decision to emerge from the ashes of Human yesterdays. And they prepare to ascend, like the Phoenix, to a higher plane of Human truth and understanding. 2011 brings about the harmonic transformation of a fear-based society bent on acquisition of goods and wealth, to a sharing, caring, communal family of cooperative Humans.

In his state of the union speech, President Obama spoke of this era as our generation’s Sputnik moment. So, what does that statement mean? To Mr. Obama, it referred to more space exploration. At least that is what he spoke of in his speech. But is there a deeper more profound meaning to his words?

Looking back in time we see that Russia launched the first orbiting artificial satellite in 1957. At that time the Sputnik satellite created a new political, military, technological and scientific age, marking the beginning of the Space Age. Fifty years later (2007) an inter-dimensional gateway opened, allowing interaction between off-planet societies (who are aligned with the universal plan for the elevation of planetary societies) and heart-centered Humans who had been preparing to live a more compassionate and intelligent lifestyle.

2011 brings with it an even greater “space age.” We now leave outer-space and we enter Inner Space. Humanity is only now entering the real starry space beyond time and travel. During the next two years we prepare Spaceship Earth (and her occupants) for exploration into Heart Space. Heart Space! Our Moral Imagination will take us there.

There are those who will question the veracity of a vision of good times and a better world while everything seems to be falling apart.

Did you ever notice that the night is coldest and darkest right before dawn? Early in the evening, when the Earth first rolls away from the warmth and light of the Sun, we find the cooling dusk acceptable. So, we sleep. Pushing our way through dreamscapes, the night becomes colder, and we struggle to find warmth by pulling the blankets over our heads, hoping we can find comfort by dreaming again.

There is no doubt this planet and her people are in the dark night of the soul. We are cold and stumbling in the depths of our night, attempting to find our way in the dark. But do not fear, for the Dawn approaches, as it always does. Meanwhile, the diamonds in the sky call us to remember their light. And to realize the dark sacred night is only a season that allows us to view the cosmos we were born in.

Humanity is in a very cold moment, moving in a darkened stage that seems to have a mind of its own. The attitudes of so-called rulers push society in directions it does not want to go. The ‘common’ people rebel and tremble. Again, ‘tis only a season. Meanwhile, millions of Earthians attract a new day as they dream of liberation from suffering and confusion. We know Dawn is inevitable.

This is the truth I know, but I must admit I got stopped in my tracks by the events of early 2011. Writing! It’s my business and the magnet that attracts my heart. However, on January 8th the words that spilled from the voice in my radio silenced me.

I cannot express the shock the newsman’s words brought to my soul. “Tucson, Arizona! Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords has been gunned down while she gathered with constituents, friends and onlookers for a peaceful assembly in front of a grocery store. A lone shooter has torn the lives from an innocent group of our citizens!”

I wanted to write and address the situation but could not find words to fill the void of empty space inside my head. So I allowed the sound of silence to numb my feelings. Today, I am awake again and I realize the sorrow I felt was more broad spread than the Tucson incident. The archer’s bow has been bent for a very long time. Tucson was the arrow that hit the bulls-eye. It is time for dialog.

We are living in a suffering world! No one can deny that the shooting in Tucson is a composite of a worldwide picture of violence that is currently experienced globally. The video camera in our heart sees shootings, killing and mayhem as everyday events all over the world. We think about lands where ongoing wars deny people safety, comfort and peace of mind. The blaring sounds of war machines assault the ears, suicide bombers tear flesh from bones, and brother lifts his sword against his own. The constant threat to sanity, and the loss of loved ones makes the heart cry out “enough already!” Many of Earth’s citizens have no place to hide while innocent blood spills onto the lands and seas of our nations. Mother Earth’s response to war is unprecedented global flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes and droughts, thus, more suffering.

For Americans, 9/11 and the massacre in Tucson, brought world suffering right to our doorstep. The tragic shooting spree, in front of a Tucson grocery store, that took the lives of six and injured 13 including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, haunts us and will for years to come. Tenderly known as Gabby, this woman is like the blazing torch atop the Statue of Liberty. Her continuing strength of purpose, her courage and stamina is the healing grace for all who are inspired by her. Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives in the tragedy in Tucson and to those who were injured.

We ask ourselves why? Why did nine year old Christina Taylor Green, lose her life on that fateful Saturday. Was it fate? Or was it destiny? Fate or destiny, her death caused us to stop, catch our breath and analyze what we are accepting. It is obvious that Christina Green was positively influenced by the freedom that democracy can bring. She was the kind of kid who had immense potential. Kids like Christina are the promise for a better world by becoming upstanding, solid role models for the children of new generations.

Folks, the tragic event of January 8th, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona, USA, is a loud and clear wake up call! What are the adults of today doing to build a better world for future generations and ourselves? Children, all over the world are listening and watching adults—and learning from adult behavior. We must ask ourselves if we are fit role models.

Christina admired the foundation that the American political system is based on. She saw what was right with it. Children watch and they learn from adult behavior. And our children are the next generation of leaders. So we ask ourselves, are we living up to the standard that is America?

The very lives of our children depend on the whims and responsibilities of adults. So what are we teaching them. Are we teaching the world’s children to negotiate rather than irritate? Through example, do we show them how to get some altitude in their attitudes? I believe those in leadership start out out with admiration for integrity and service. But that all too often they succumb to a system that has lost the vision of our Founding Fathers and the reason and heart of our pioneering ancestors.

We must ask, is “the system” forcing some leaders to make adjustments to their integrity? Listening to the rhetoric and name calling of today’s politicians one wonders where these brats and bullies all came from.

Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves what message we sent to Jared Lee Loughner? What was he hearing and absorbing in his formative years? Was he really crazy? And if so, was his insanity self-imposed? Or was he imitating the behavior of politicians who rant, rave, accuse and criticize? Did he look to role models who lie and cheat? Did he look to athletes who enhance performance by taking drugs, did he look to celebrities who are lost in sorrows and grandiose behavior? Unfortunately, these are the folks who make the News juicy, and so, get reported repeatedly, day in and day out.

Kid’s are vulnerable, they are little sponges who soak up whatever is available. So we ask, “What are we spoon feeding our babies. And is it so bitter that it drives them crazy, makes them candidates for prison, drugs and antisocial behavior?

How the adults in this world behave creates the moment we live in. The question then becomes, can we each take responsibility to become the Love we speak of? And where does it start? It starts and ends with each and every individual. Love is given life in the heart, then extends to family and friends, all creating an atmosphere of right action. From an individual family, the ambiance of integrity and compassion spirals out to the community and the world becomes a safe and peaceful place.

The next question becomes, is the God of our ancestors weary of our quest for oil, uranium, coal and gold. Can the message of all martyred children be, “Safety does not come from entering the lands of other nations as controllers. War is about wealth not protection. Peace is about respect for the cultures of other nations. We cannot become nations of imitations. Each culture is precious in the eyes of God.”

The children of our planet face the nations of this world with a plea for mercy. They cry, “Let us live!” They whisper, “Help us! Listen to us! Let the military come home. Let them act as our protectors and rescuers. Let us open our hearts to all our planetary neighbors and respect their Human rights! Take down the walls and fences that separate us. Let borders and walls cease to exist, for rather than keeping others out you frame us in. We want to know the kids of other nations! Use the money spent on warfare to clean up our planet, to drill wells for the thirsty and grow crops for the Hungry. Please plant trees to shade the weary traveler and build us school rooms so we can live up to our full potential.”

“Oh Mamas and Papas, build us a world where we can live rich and full lives, where we can experience peace and happiness with our grand children. We promise we will tell them stories of your courage, of how you dared to change conflict into compromise, of how you negotiated peace. We will tell them how you turned your swords into plowshares, of how your generosity, wisdom and compassion caused celestial music to replace the battle cry! And, we promise to live up to the standard you set for us and the lesson you taught us—that all life is precious. In turn, we promise to love and respect All Our Relations!

The tragedy that occurred on January 8th was a wake-up call! And I believe the call is being answered. At the memorial service, held in Tucson on January 12, to honor those who lost their walk on this Earth, there was evidence of a New Program being put into place. What started out as a sad and tearful event escalated into a Celebration of Life! It was like singing the blues. And then seeing and hearing the blues that we cried yesterday, our Human cry, ascend into a symphonic toast to all the good qualities of the Human Spirit! The poetry of our hearts becomes a harmonic salute to all the possibilities of One Unified Nation of Loving, Sharing, Caring Human Beings, under God, indivisible, with justice and mercy for all! At the Tucson memorial President Obama said, “What matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame, but how well we have Loved!” This is a promise for the future and we must participate NOW!

To create artfully has always been our job as Human beings. This is why we were given imagination and the moral obligation to “Love thy neighbor.” Today’s global communication and interaction has created neighbors across the seas and over the highest mountain tops. The world’s citizens and nations now live in the same neighborhood. As neighbors we are morally obligated to paint a portrait of our selves that our children can be proud of. That portrait must include our many cultures and religious mannerisms. It must also show respect and love for each other. In this way, our Human children and all their relations will build on the foundations we have provided for them.

“Oh Mamas and Papas, we know your life has been difficult. Please accept, right now, our gratitude for a future free of harm and filled with the promise and reality of a New Heaven and a New Earth—for yourselves and this generation of children, and for the New Children of God! Fully Human and absolutely Godly!”

Let the voice of our children speak and be heard!


Kaih Khristé King


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