December 2010

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

The Merging of Heaven and Earth

The New Jerusalem

Charles Dickens opened his novel, A Tale of Two Cities with this line. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Written in 1859, the story is set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution of 1740 to 1785. The novel tells a tale of abuse by the French aristocracy upon the nation’s peasantry in the years leading up to the French Revolution. Like a rubber band that is stretched too many times and pulled too hard the commoners snapped. The results; brutal retaliation by the peasant population toward former aristocrats. In the same period, London paralleled the bloody activities conducted in Paris.

Contrary to modern belief the word revolution simply means rotation, alteration or change. It does not mean to overthrow, although that is most certainly what the French Revolution was about. The rising up of the simple people was fired by hunger, thirst and disease—no bread on the table while the monarchy and elite dipped cake into champagne. Communication between the classes and information about the inconsistencies between rulers and peasants did not exist until writers and artist of that time put a spotlight on both sides.

If we go back in history as far as the records go, we find that very little is understood about consciousness and equality, about communication between tribes and clans and about the difference between competition and cooperation. Class distinction has never ceased to exist and our populations are still judged by skin color, mode of dress, religious beliefs and where a person stands on the economic ladder. The line from an old song fits the picture perfectly, “The rich get rich and the poor get poorer.” The lesson to be learned is upon us! Like the French Revolution, things are at a breaking point. Billions are spent in modern day warfare while shelter, jobs and hope are denied to the ‘peasantry.’ City streets all across the globe are milling with frightened people who are shutout of their jobs, homes, education, healthcare and the most basic needs in life. The temperature is rising.

So what is different today than the activities in 1740? Not much if we look only to outward appearances. But while our populations are trembling, something else is brewing that will bring the Human condition back into balance. Today we have a distinct advantage not known or available in the past. The world’s population has blossomed from thousands to billions, global travel is possible in hours rather than weeks or years, and technology, science and limitless possibilities are now a part of our everyday experience.

Just by turning on television or radio newscasts, by flipping on the computer or picking up the phone we are consciously connected worldwide. In the past, we were disconnected from the village a mile away. Today, our heartstrings are touched by those thousands who live miles across the globe. A person’s neighbors are more than next door, they are global. And as soon as the next breath we will realize our family and our neighbors are cosmic. Our Human realities are dramatically and rapidly changing moment to moment. For those who are participating in the transmutation of self-centeredness every morning is a new incarnation. Broadcaster and author Art Bell coined the phrase The Quickening. No doubt that is what we are experiencing. We are at the end of the times we have known and are rushing toward the unknown. Accelerated change brings with it many problems as well as many gifts.

Today, we enter the years 2011 and 2012 ragged, tested and challenged. Global leaders, politicians and the elite may seem to be ruling but in truth they struggle to understand their position in a world whirling in confusion. And most certainly those who rule do not understand the desires and the language of the people they have chosen to lead. Powerful, yet fearful nations send troops into foreign lands in an attempt to protect their own homelands from terrorists. Only to find themselves embroiled in local civil conflicts thus creating increased resentment from native people. Atomic weapons haunt the scene while wars are waged in attempts to keep these volatile and lethal weapons under wraps. Such disputes further en-flame the native people of the region who blame foreign cultures and religions for interfering in their way of life.

In the book I coauthored with Hopi Grandfather White Bear, The History of the Hopi From Their Origins in Lemuria, the record shows that we have been repeating many of the same mistakes that brought about the sinking of Atlantis. All across the globe people suffer at the hands of other Humans. In response, Mother Earth is flashing volcanoes and lashing violent storms that cause suffering and death. It is the worst of times. And following the wake of the tempest, compassionate Humans rush to aid their global neighbors. Acts of generosity and kindness create the best of times.

The hard times we are currently experiencing are repetitive. We have come to this point of no return before. Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book (available through this website), tells of the destruction of three previous worlds that Humans occupied on Planet Earth. We are currently residing in the Fourth World. A world is not composed of mountains and valleys, or oceans and rivers. No, that is our planet. Nor is it structured by mortar and brick, highrise buildings and simple cottages, parking lots and freeways. The world is designed and supported by Human thought. Humanity is at a desperate crossroads. Either we lift our thoughts into the Fifth World immediately or face the destruction of the world we live in today.

The activities and actions of each individual is what can make this the best of times. By changing our minds we change the times. “Love thy neighbor even as I Love thee,” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When we live in these words we leave the worst of times behind. We step out of the roles we played in the past and become the Changelings, devoted to Love!

And the best is revealing itself in every moment. The David Lynch Foundation is one example of how we are creating the best of times. The Foundation (supported by many of the world’s celebrities and visibly influential folks), is reaching out to the tens of millions of people all over the world who suffer from traumatic stress. Last year the Foundation’s Change Begins Within program reached out to teach Transcendental Meditation techniques to one million at risk adolescents and teens. The expansion of their work continues to bring very positive results worldwide.

And there is The International Institute for Global Leadership. A tuition-free internet based educational program which provides a curriculum in consciousness designed to prepare students to become personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity, heart-centered leaders in their community and the world. The study program is open to participants of any age and from anywhere in the world.

The efforts of The King’s Bridge (publisher of this newsletter, and the books and art pieces on this website), work to stimulate a trans-formative atmosphere by supplying information and beautiful art pieces that can bring about a shift in consciousness that will lift the mundane into magnificence. ‘The Bridge’ is among many organizations that invest themselves in the acceleration of consciousness, compassionate outreaches, and those who are in service to the greater community. For there is an awesome and beautiful Light descending to meet the cry of the people. Across the entire Universe all creation cries out for relief from the birthing pangs that are necessary to bring forth an absolute and total change for all life.

We, the people of Earth, are inclined to think the troubles of this planet are unique and that we are isolated. All too often, we are absorbed with our own troubles and we fail to make room for the bigger picture. The people of Earth are part of an extended Family, cosmic and universal in its nature. Just like ourselves, our brothers and sisters that we share this Universe with are in many stages of development.

Illumination is our common legacy. Love is the nature of all God’s children but we are not always true to our nature.

When we were first-born, Spirit set up a bank account in each of our names. When we do good we earn interest and the gold in our account grows and multiplies. “Go forth and be fruitful.” has a deeper meaning than making babies. Perhaps the line should read, “Go forth and be Loving.” A loving act can be as simple as a smile or it can be as grand as an heroic rescue. Each has the same value. When we do loving acts our bank account swells and we have plenty of heavenly energy so we can do even greater acts of kindness at no expense or discomfort to ourselves. When we do less than good we borrow from our bank account thus depleting our funds.

This is our moment to prepare. It is time to prepare our bodies to receive Spirit, prepare our minds to receive the Will of God, and it is time to believe that what may be invisible in one moment will appear in the next. The Tale of Two Cities is the story of our lives. It’s all about choice. We can choose the city of chaos or we can allow our minds to reside in the City of Brotherly Love.

Humanity and all sentient beings are experiencing the Merging of Heaven and Earth. And it will come about because we believe in each other. Praise and admiration, tenderness and generosity are the qualities that lift us into the Heart of the Father. The One who sent us to this Mother Planet.

All of creation is looking to the Human factor. There are times we think we are a simple grain of sand on the ocean’s beach. And we are. But collectively we are the beach and the ocean. If only one grain of sand allows the ocean to move it the entire beach is affected. I remember the words of Sant Bhadragiri Keshava Dasji, the great Hindu Sage, in response to the comment, “We are but a drop of water in the great oceans of thought.” Wisdom’s answer was this, “The drop has the power to hold the ocean out by closing its heart. But the ocean is patient and waits until the drop is willing and then the ocean enters the drop revealing that all is one. What may seem to be the greater is composed of what may seem to be the lesser.”

Humans are the perfect children of Divine Perfection sent into an imperfect world to perfect it. What Perfection creates the world cannot change. Open-hearted, light-minded Humans are legion. Aware, compassionate, praying, meditating communities of God’s People are oceans of love that are creating a New Renaissance. These people are a culture that bridges other cultures. They are capable of bringing forth a resurgence of wisdom, artistic development and community cooperation. In the spirit of the Divine Brotherhoods they are creating an expansion bridge of Light that will span the cycle we have been living in and connect with the emerging cycle of a new and Golden Age.

We are being born anew. We will first see our Ascension through literature, art and music, through changes in world governments and a compassionate outpouring of friendship and Love. Hunger, thirst and suffering will be only a story from the past. There to remind us not to travel that way again.

Contrary to popular opinion, we Humans are not alone or unique in this Universe. The Earth is an experimental, experiential, educational model for many other societies. Our cosmic and other-worldly brothers and sisters watch for the outcome of Project Earth. Some of our starry companions are also in development. They learn what not to do from Human responses and others learn what to do by what they observe. There are off-planet societies that do not have our best interest at heart. If you exude Light and Love they cannot harm you. “Like attracts like.” We are also aligned with Benevolent Hosts of Brothers and Sisters who aid the Human condition and help us as we learn how to Love as God Loves.

Space ships, Merkabahs and even Cities of Light have been seen by thousands over many locations on this Earth. There is an interesting book titled, The Sedona City of Light. Contained in its pages are revelations of prophecies, the purpose, plans and the coming manifestation of a City of Light, Love and Healing. The author, Genii Townsend, tells us she has kept this information secret for 25 years.

The New Jerusalem is a consciousness collecting place. It is The City of Christ: an aggregation of blessed, loving thoughts and ideas that rain down upon the thirsty, providing manna to feed the hungry and shelter to house the hopeful. This City is the headquarters for Heavenly Hosts. Due to the preparation of the Initiates, the Hosts have opened the Heavenly Gates to receive those who are prepared to become Christ-filled. The City of Christ is the Centerpiece for numerous Cities of Light. Cities that will be lowered when enough loving and lighted thoughts command their presence in Earth.

The salvation of our populations is reliant on a rather small number of this world’s people (compared to the billions who occupy earth’s lands). But there is more than hope! Let me tell you a story that some call a legend and others label the Truth. It is said, that during the onslaught and horrors of World War I 200,000 Spirits of pure and absolute Love approached the Great Karmic Board (those who govern the souls who wish to incarnate on planets). These souls simply call themselves Lovers. They despaired over the needless slaughter of millions of Humans during the war, as well as the damage to Planet Earth and her animal, mineral and devic kingdoms. They also could predict the coming of World War II and other ensuing, unnecessary conflicts.

The 200,000 asked for permission to incarnate as a group to change the course of warfare on Planet Earth. After much deliberation, the Board denied the request because such a assemblage would wipe-out freewill on this planet of choice. But the Board did agree to allow the incarnation of the group in increments beginning with 20,000.

The 200,000 Lovers of mankind are all ‘on planet’ at this time and they are fully aware of their purpose. They are in every country standing by their Human kin and they are joined by Star People, Crystal and Lavender People who have taken on Human bodies for the first time, as well as many ‘Old Souls’ who are well acquainted with earthly demands. Together, with Earthlings who have been initiated into the Light, this aggregation produces potent energies of Love while broadcasting great waves of benevolent thought across this planet. Even with all this compassionate power it takes effort, focus and willingness to overcome the problems Earth faces at this time.

The Merging of Heaven and Earth is a promise God will keep. But the timing is up to us. We are mountain climbing. It is time to ‘really’ get into our vehicle, (bring Spirit into the body), fill up our tank with Light, shift into low gear, put the pedal to the metal and climb to the top; where Angels prepare for the Second Coming!

Let us be all we can be! That is all that is asked!




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