August/September 2010

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

Crop Circles …The Mystery
Their Reason, Formation and Benefit

Some of you may not know my history, where the information I share comes from, or how I know what I know. For those of you who have heard my story, I ask for your patience, because the content of this Newsletter is so unusual that I feel I must share the origin of the information.

I will be as brief as possible, however, if any of you want more details about my journey I will devote an entire newsletter to such information. Just let us know.

From early childhood I have been experiencing the Spirit World and Inter-dimensional communication. It isn't something I desired, called for or understood. IT just happened. I never questioned, IT was simply a natural part of life as I knew it. As a kid I thought everyone had the same experiences, but as I matured I learned it was the better part of wisdom to be selective about revealing the nature of my life.

I have been privileged to interact with Angels, Ascended Masters, and (on many occasions), The Dear One, Christ Jesus Emanuel. These occasions are not what is known as channeled messages, they are personal contact. I also receive information in the form of messages, or information is simply downloaded into my mental system.

I share the above with you because I want you to know the information in the following message is more than someone's imagination. It is beauty revealed, from Infinity, to serve our finite world.

The Magnificent Migration

Before we can understand the reason, formation and benefit of Crop Circles, we must acquire information and knowledge about our Humanity – its real beginnings, its reason, formation and benefit to the planets in our Solar System. It is impossible to reveal the whole truth in a few pages of a newsletter, but if you want more I will write a book containing more details. For now I will begin with the following.

For centuries, Human societies have been burdened by falsehoods that have caused mankind to buckle under the weight of self-incrimination, the demise of self-esteem, establishing jealousy, envy and suspicion of others, stripping the muscle of truth and love to bare bones. But, in this Now Moment, the skeleton that has been rattling in history's closet is about to burst the bubble and shout to the High Heavens, “We are Divine! I know it in my bones!”

Long, long ago, as Universes were blossoming from the root of the Parent Tree of Life (also known as the Father Universe, or the First Universe), the Universe of the First Son/Sun poured fiery Life (from its bursting heart), into the developing Cosmos.

Rainbow sparklers spilled from the Son/Sun (a young Universe located in the center of the Father's Heart). Radiant, dancing fiery intelligences stormed into The All That Is, charming planets and stars, touching, caressing comets and asteroids – kissing the many dimensions, singing harmonies with angels and teaching laughter to scowling entities who had long ruled this galaxy. The Hues carried rainbow lights to the edges of reality, traveling in great circles about the galaxy, embracing Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and collecting equations, geometries and language. They sparked the gifts from their homeland (the Central Son/Sun ), distributing them among the inhabitants of each planet and they interacted with the great Lords who governed these planets. The governing of other planets is totally different from what we currently see on planet Earth. In universal language, to govern means to observe the Laws of the Parent Universe: The Law of Love, the Law of Oneness and the Law of the Circle. The Lords of Light do not 'lord it' over others – they simply radiate the Laws.

When the Hues were ready to move on to neighboring planets they carried with them the wisdom of the Lords of Light and the energies and blessings of the entities they had interacted with. At some point, the Hues chose to rest for awhile on Mars. Mars was a young planet, uninhabited and unpredictable but its fiery atmosphere suited the sparkling nature of the Hues. Was there water on Mars? Yes, but its waters ran hot. Mars was a vacation spot for the Hues; a place to rest and restore. Actually, the Hues got lazy and began to lose their spark. They were close to dying. But this could not be allowed because the Hues had collected the gifts of the Solar System and these gifts were destined for a small blue-green planet where the Creator had designed and established many creatures – creatures that would be incomplete without the gifts the Hues carried from the star-fields.

So Spirits were sent to arouse the Hues. The Cosmos is served by various Brotherhoods and Sisterships of many and varied occupations and with special skills. They are sometimes called Angels, Ascended Masters or even Kachinas. “Wake up, oh sleeping beauties! Open your eyes and cast your sights on that blue-green island called Earth. She is your destination. This planet has been especially designed for your refinement. As fire you will come to know other elements. You will become one with the creatures of this place and to do so you must temper your passions and personalize the broadband that you are. From oneness you will become multiple realities and yet your oneness will remain intact.”

“You will carry your fire into the form of flesh and blood that is the nature of earthian creatures. You will become one with the man creature and will instill the gifts of the Solar System into his cellular body. But these gifts will remain dormant until the full integration of Spirit and form.”

That was long, long ago and Humanity has forgotten its magnificence. We have been taught that we came from humble beginnings, kicked out of Eden, therefore becoming 'born sinners.' Humanity did not fall from Grace. The Hue part of our being fell from the stars to impregnate developing man creature with the wonder of the Cosmos and with the artistry of the geometric and mathematical language of the planetary Lords of Light! And the union (very much a love affair), between Hue and man birthed Spirit (and Its empowerments), into flesh and form.

Perhaps you will remember, Spirit told the Hues that Earth was especially designed for their refinement. That meant (through the Hues), the Heavens would know more than fire. The Hues would know cold waters that would soak memory from consciousness. They would know limitation and illicit passions. And because of their lost memory they would know fear which brings with it all the harmful personality patterns that cause the breaking of the Divine Laws of Love and the Circle.

Crop Circles Uncovered

Do you remember when Crop Circles were first discovered? They were pretty crude. It was easy to believe that two old guys pressing down grain with a board could create some of the early patterns. But then, why did they do it? Why go to all the trouble to make patterns in circles, in some farmer's field in the dark of night? Were they attempting a hoax, a joke – on who – and for what? Or could it be that a distant memory was tugging at their shirt tails? And in the midst of Doug and Dave creations there were many more Circles slightly more refined. What mysterious artists were joining Doug and Dave?

Are the Crop Circles designed and articulated by beings from outer space? Or are they flashed into grain fields, snow banks, rain forests, ice fields and seas, via the living Inner space of the Hues who copied the artistry of the Heavens and stored the information in the DNA of the Hue-man species?

Well, here is what I know on the subject. Crop Circles are created through and by the out-picturing of the Human DNA/RNA. The lights that are seen flashing on fields (just before the Circles are exposed), is the Inner Light of supra-Hue-man-explosive-Love-power. This power is released through prayer, meditation and compassionate acts which causes consciousness to ascend and activates an evolutionary flashpoint through the DNA. Very little is known about the functions of the DNA. And because scientists only consider the DNA on physical levels, this part of our being has been misunderstood. Actually the DNA is like a person's phone number or address. It identifies an individual and much like a radio band, it connects Human consciousness into other conscious broadcasting stations – sometimes across the globe, other times connecting to broadcasting stations located in other galaxies and universes.

When Crop Circles were first discovered they were much less complex and certainly less beautiful. But over time each ensuing season brings more exquisite mathematical equations and delightful geometries for our observation. So we ask, “Why does the artistry of Crop Circles increase with time?” Answer: because the Hue-in-man is increasing the release of the Star Patterns carried in the cellular matrix.

The artists? This is who we are! The Circle Makers? This is who we are. And what is the message of the Circles? It is the Open Door – the page turning in the Book of Revelation to, “And these things I do so shall ye do and even greater!”

The Crop Circles are the expressions of the Language of Geometry and Equations embedded in the Hue-man Cellular System by the Lords of Light. In other words you are the magic and the beauty of the Crop Circles. When a Human being looks at a Crop Circle they see themselves – the core, the center, the spread, the youngest and the oldest physical, spirit-filled manifestation and expression of God. And through your many seasons you have always been God – and God is always and forever you.

While the world is topsy-turvy, wars everywhere, famine, floods and fires, violence and suffering, the Crop Circles continue to become more mind boggling, resplendent and stunning. Why? Because the Lords of Light are releasing the Language of Light carried in the conscious DNA of those Hue-mans who are evolving (once again), into the Law of the Circle that will bring this world back into the Law of Love! Each season's harvest of Crop Circles is evidence of the rising and returning of Hue-man consciousness to its true nature – the natural appreciation and Love for all Life everywhere.

Love is Life and Life is Love! Regardless of what the outer conditions seem to be (in the world), this is a Divine moment. Yes, there is suffering untold and what is told is no less tragic and real. But, because the Universal Law of Oneness connects everything in Life, those who are writing the Book of Ascension (in the landscapes of this planet), are moving Earth (and her occupants), beyond suffering, to the Promised Land! Every person on this Earth is Holy and Sacred. “Come, know thyself!” One person can make the difference – can change world conditions. Do what you can where you can. The key is, begin with yourself and then extend (from your heart). Keep up the good work, for you are God's expression on this Earth! Think Love! Live Love! Give Love! Be Love!

This is what I know. Crop Circles? One might say Crop Circles are God's stamp of approval! Believe it or not!


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