July 2010

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

The Illumination of Truth and the Hopi Prophecy

Lighting up Dark Corners

The King's Bridge is preparing to publish a book titled, The History of the Hopi from their Origins in Lemuria. This book features the accurate text from a manuscript written by Hopi Grandfather Oswald White Bear Fredericks. The manuscript was given to me some ten years after White Bear's death. During his lifetime, I was privileged to enjoy a long time, intimate friendship with “Bear” (as he instructed me to call him), and his wife Naomi (Mama Bear). This enabled me to contribute personal observations to the book. We anticipate early August availability. Please look for it on our website.

More than an historical chronicle, this book is a prophecy of exactly what is occurring on our planet at this very moment. When we look at the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in one of the most dramatic assaults on our seas ever known (and the contamination of our atmosphere by the unconscious burning of gas and oil from the spill), we see the manifestation of the Hopi Prophecy, according to White Bear.

“And the Fourth World will be destroyed by fire, unless mankind learns respect for Creator's Law. Man has lived in three previous Worlds and destroyed each one when he chose to war, brother against brother, clan against clan – and when he chose to disrespect the Laws of Nature.”

White Bear wanted to believe that our current Fourth World would be saved from destruction but he didn't hold out much hope for salvation because he feared mankind's selfishness.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (and its devastating effects on the the shorelines, and the sea and its creatures), does not stand alone as a unique event. For decades the rainforests, rivers and indigenous people of nineteen countries, including Mexico, Ecuador and Peru have been poisoned daily by oil drilling and resulting leaks caused by uncaring, careless and ignorant oil companies and their associates. In a 2006 report from Nigeria, experts for the Nigerian government and international and local environmental groups say that over 11 million gallons of oil spill into the Niger Delta every year. And this has been going on for the past five decades! And what we know about such atrocities is only a drop in the bucket compared to what we do not know.

But there is one thing we do know; the oil that coats our lands and our seas is evidence of what we must clear from our hearts. If each one of us chooses to clean up our act (moment by moment), our environment will respond in kind. We have incarnated at this moment in time to express Love. We become the solution when we pray, when we ask for God's intervention and when we do our best every day to be a blessing to others.

This Universe has an investment in this Earth. But it will let our problems build until the lesson is learned. We cannot count on change from those expressing arrogance and greed. For if they cared they wouldn't do what they are doing. The Universe will intervene when enough ardent prayer and mental love letters reach maximum Heart-point. Each person's input is potent, and when hearts gather with the sincere desire to live in God's Will, the Universe listens. By our invitation and with our cooperation our Universe will clear all pollution from every heart and every life and the resulting evidence of the crude that oils and spoils our Mother Planet will also disappear.

Here is one example of ways to get the attention of our Universe. In Northern Arizona, on June 21st the Summer Solstice 2010, more than 100 people from many cultures, gathered to form a Friendship Circle, to participate in a Native American Medicine Wheel. Each person expressed their concerns about world conditions, and all united in concentrated prayer on behalf of all nations, cultures and traditions. During group discussions, the conditions of the Gulf oil spill were heavy on the hearts of many, and yet there was no anger expressed, but rather prayers of love to the Elementals of the seas and lands (and the atmosphere), as well as forgiveness to all those who create unhealthy conditions for our planet and her creatures. At the time of the Summer Solstice 2010 many such groups gathered in person (as well as over the internet), to forgive and to express the passion of their unconditional Love! This is not new – it is the ongoing activity of millions of people all over the world – each in there own special way.

In this moment, when so many things are overwhelmingly dangerous, the Universe is responding to those individuals and groups who are living their lives as forgiving, graceful and loving expressions of heart-energies for all. The airwaves are alive with Human willingness to act godly. And the God of all creation is sending a powerful message to all people, “This is the Now Moment to become Love and Light.” What we have been expressing we must now become.

This is the midnight hour! But if we prepare ourselves to meet the promised dawn, if we make every breath a sabbath, if we become God's walking, dancing, praise-giving, loving ambassadors for Divine Will, we will move beyond the loss of the Fourth World and move into the Ascended Consciousness of the Fifth World. Remembering that the world is not the planet – the “world” is composed of thought-forms – to move from the Fourth World to the Fifth World is as simple as elevating our thought patterns. When we think Love and live Love that energy spirals out from individuals to imprint the collective community.

There can be no doubt that we are living in the most challenging times since the sinking of Atlantis. In remembering Atlantis, our observations tell us, while some perished, many others left (well before the submerging of those lands), to begin civilizations that blessed outlying developing colonies. The survivors of Atlantis were those who developed a compassionate consciousness.

Love is Life! Love does not die. The love we invest in others goes on to pay dividends from generation to generation. And each person who chooses beauty's path is transformed into a deeper blessing for self and the collective.

Like you I am a work in progress – just as spiritual healers are simply instruments for blessings from the Divine Source, I am only an instrument in God's Hands. Someone once asked me if I felt I was “chosen.” My answer was no, that I felt I was simply “there” in the place where He was pointing. Anyone can do what I do and at some point in time everyone will.

I have been blessed (in my many years), to have experienced personal encounters with Angels, Ascended Masters, Jesus Christ and even Extra Terrestrials. I have also been privileged to know some really wonderful earthly Teachers, including Indigenous Elders, and have enjoyed an impressive library of books – all of which have prepared me to share with you universal knowledge as it is given to me. What I write about is intended to open universal truths, for the expansion of mind, the evolution of soul, and hopefully to give you a powerful inward look into your own personal Universe. It works the same for me.

Mind, Soul and Heart – they are One Universe. Mind, Soul and Heart – this is a Holy Trinity – the Center of a developing Universe. This embryo Universe is the real core of the real and most sacred Human. The Shekinah Universe is being born in the Human heart – at this very moment. This is the Truth. Even though, to some it may seem illogical.

God's Truth is absolute and unchangeable, and it is revealed to us as we are capable of assimilating it. Human truth is an ever-changing see-scape, it evolves according to the beholder. For an example; before the first airplane, the truth was Humans could not fly – until the Wright brothers proved that idea was false. Then Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin flew us to the moon and the Hubble Space Telescope gave us long-distance eyes that can peer into the Greater Universe. Over time, our Human experiences and our ‘truths’ have changed dramatically. As we evolve so does our truth. So let us explore some “truths” we have come to believe, some to be set aside, and some new realities to be experienced.

The Truth about Angels

When I speak about Angels, I can only convey information that Angels have shared with me – and what I have personally experienced. What I know is what I know now. The truth is that Heavenly Truth always goes forward, teaching us. As we mature we are able to wrap our minds around escalating knowledge and wisdom. Heavenly Truths never drop us into shadows or lead us into frightening scenarios. Angels only and always Love, and they love opening our minds to ever-increasing Light.

The truth we are ready to receive today is – there are NO fallen Angels. Many years ago Archangel Michael asked me to inform anyone who would listen that there are NO fallen Angels – never have been – never will be. To quote the great Archangel, “There are no fallen Angels because Angels have no imagination! They don’t think things up. They do not create. Each Archangel conducts the activities of bands of Angels who act on behalf of the Heavenly Qualities their Archangel represents. The Archangels administrate the Law of the Godly Quality they represent. The original Archangels were born in the Radiant Heart of The First Universe.”

If there are no fallen Angels then who is it the Bible refers to as fallen Angels? Over the chronicles of historical times even God’s messages get misinterpreted. Briefly, the reference belongs to fallen Creators and their resulting creations. Because it is the nature of the Universes to create, life is in a constant state of duplication and from that carbon copy many variant forms are born. Archangels and their bands of Angels are in a constant state of birth. As new Universes are born those Spirits that tend and care for a Universe are also born. Angels are messengers, communicators, caregivers and servants who take their instructions from Hierarchical Orders who command the Laws of a particular Universe. Angels are never alone, stranded or in a mindset to create – they simply serve.

Angels are partners with Humanity. Like man and woman lovingly fit each other to create something beautiful from that love, Angels and Humans lovingly fit each other to create something wonderful from the love they have for each other. The problem has been that very few Humans understand this mutual relationship. Many, in our earthly populations, see Angels as distant and remote – or even nonexistent. And so, Angels that long to serve and interact with mankind must remain “at a distance” until invited. Angels do not have free will – that belongs to us. Angels observe God's Will and the Law of their Universe.

In this Now Moment, many members of our Human population are beginning to recognize the burden of free will and are longing for our return to our Divine Destiny. Many are searching for a deepening, an understanding of the Truth of our origins, and the elevation of our relationship with God, Creator, Source, the Universe!Returning the gift of free will to our Heavenly Parents frees us to be less destructive, more creative and ultimately Joyful!

Thy Kingdom Come

In this era, we Humans are required to evolve into the loving pattern that the Universe has set for us. That pattern is an ever-revolving Circle of Humans and Angels as well as personal Guides and all manner of Spirits and Entities determined to help us restore ourselves as children of the stars, as co-creators, in harmony with all our Relations.

When you hear Native American and most indigenous Elders speak, they talk about “All our Relations” and they mean ALL! The Angels, the Star People, the Devas and Nature Elementals, as well as all the Creatures and Spirits of the Earth – and the occupants of other planets. Angels are some of our relations, as are the great Brotherhoods and Sisterships of this Universe.

All life is in an ever-changing evolutionary pattern. But for Earth (this galaxy and our local Universe), the era we are just now entering is more dramatic than can be remembered. We are in an evolutionary flashpoint and there can be no turning back. Like birth and death the appointment must be kept. Birth and death is quite simply cycling and recycling. It’s done whether we like it or not. And whether we like it or not, Humanity is coming to the conclusion of an earthbound reality. The Universe is giving birth to a child, to new Life that is growing inside the Human heart. We are beginning to feel an expansion in all avenues of our lives. Our emotions are more tender, our thoughts are more forgiving because Love is becoming the Master of our existence. Our bodies relate to the cosmos like a dancer on a high wire strung across the twelfth galaxy.

The Gulf oil spill is evidence that we have gone as far as earthly technology can take us. The science to heal, cure and transform every weakness, problem and illness is here in this Human realm – God-given. The fear of the loss of personal power (held by a few), has held back the benefits the Universe longs to bestow upon us. Tesla came and earthly fear-based greed kept the best of his works from reaching our populace. The same goes for today's magnificent geniuses who simply want to make better lives for the collective Human experience. But the old structures and systems (that put power in the hands of a few), are dissolving as the Love God placed in our hearts awakens and the infantile Human Universe is given air to breathe and wings to ride on.

The solution to today's earthly problems was given more than two thousand years ago by the God Man we call Christ. He gave us The Lord's Prayer. It says, “Thy Kingdom come.” It doesn't say I am coming to Heaven. The Kingdom of heavenly, everyday reality will come when we as conscious love-based Humans invite it in. When we light up the Light pours in – according to the Law of Attraction. Heavenly Consciousness is responding to an outpouring of Love from Nations of Light Workers located all over this world. They are expressing in the many religions, many have no religious affiliations, some identify as Light Workers, others simply lovingly contribute to their community. Light Workers = People in Love.

The River of Life

We may not understand how to respond to the power of this incoming torrent of Love and Light. In this moment, things may seem nightmarish on many levels, for Light reveals the good, the bad, the ugly – and the beautiful. Historically, the bad and the ugly have dominated the scene because pain is so riveting. Our modern day media focuses on the problems of the world, and it also shows us the dangerous results of collective apathy. But do not grieve – to know is enough. Turn to beauty, create wonder and see the good when it appears. In this way, we move into the stream of Light that is pouring into the Earth. Once the stream is entered, we are gathered into the great River of Life. The River never sees boulders as blocks to its progress, for the River knows them as part of the journey – and so, the River rushes around them, shaping boulders to suit its greatest advantage.

Never stopping to meander, the River swells and rises, dips and turns, as it carries us into oceans of extraordinary experiences that have been prepared for each and every individual, every culture and tradition – and all the non-traditionalists as well. Our individual experiences are always gifted and unique. But the Law of the Circle spirals everything into Oneness. Like a great recipe has many ingredients – it's still all soup.

There is timing and rhythm to Life. Some of us rush into the known, others waltz into the unknown, while still others sit at the shoreline of Life's great River (with all it has to offer), and skip stones across the waters (never to enter). Others may dip their toes into the stream, pull them out, wipe their feet, put on their shoes and continue to tread familiar pathways.

But sooner or later, all life enters the mighty River, for we were born in its glorious depths – serene and completely at home in its elements. We are guided and even forced (by our inner instincts), to enter oceans and seas never before imagined, for we were created to explore, compelled to touch, taste, and smell the truth of others that live with us in the midnight deep.

Yet, there comes a moment when we outgrow the watery womb of the oceans of our experiences. Truth and life force us to the surface and we feel the unleashed power of mighty waves pushing us toward distant shorelines. We hear sounds unknown to ears that once lived in silence. We see sights unseen in the blindness of truths that no longer exist. We rise and fall with the tides of new realities that are created for the development of a new species. Our planet is saying no to the foolishness of voyeurs. She has said no before and Atlantis is but one example of her adamant head-shaking. It is time to move on for we cannot stay in a world consciousness where wealth pools around some and leaves others high and dry.

As Hopi Grandfather White Bear says, “We have lived in three previous worlds. And the Fourth World (that we are currently experiencing), has given us tremendous opportunities to evolve and understand the necessity of respect and love for each other – and for all our relations, for our planet and the entirety of Creator's handiwork.”

The Fourth World is entering its completing phase. Fear Not! Do not fear for others who don't seem prepared for Life More Abundantly. The Law of Love assures the salvation of all Life. It's only a matter of time.

As we forgive we are forgiven. As we Love we are Loved. And those who know not are blessed by those who know.

Prepare to experience Love in a magnitude long forgotten – yet new as baby's breath. Breathe it in and as you exhale let it go where it will, to bless Creator and Creation!

“Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!”


Please feel free to share this message. Thank you!

With Love!

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