May 2010

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

New Lemuria

The Birth of a Nation

Long, long ago … before the Earth cooled and the oceans formed
The starry heavens looked upon this embryo planet
And wept in recognition of the important part she would play
In the transformation of all that was and all that would be

The third planet to circle Ra the Sun God
So shining, so brilliant, so astoundingly beautiful
She touched the heart of the Universe with her willingness
To birth nations of sentient beings … among them travelers from the stars

That was long, long ago …

Before the apple tree gave fruit … before birds flew her skies
Before man and animals roamed her mountains and fields
She promised to become a mother to unsorted creatures
With no idea where her promise would lead her

And now Earth pays the price for crimes imposed by man creatures
Who rape and pillage in the selfish pursuit of her blood
In her sacred seas he plunges his dagger to steal the crude he calls oil,
For to run his machines has become more precious to him than lives of his children

Someday we will say that was long, long ago …

But today this planet and the creatures born of her body
Struggle to survive the actions of fools, their wars and their follies
There is but one solution for the transgression of some
There is but one solution, the answer is love

If only a few will light up their minds, reach out to others
And search for the kind who will love one another
And gather together as sisters and brothers
The songs of God's Angel will help them recover

Someday we will live in an Age all aglow …

As a nation of Humans restored and relighted
In love with each other and the Earth is delighted
As God frees us to roam the stars and the skies
Unlimited children, unburdened we rise

Someday in the future … someday all aglow

The Sinking of Atlantis – Revisited

This Newsletter is late! It's late because I didn't know how to write it!

The oil spill! Not wanting to face the images that must be dealt with in order to write honestly, I put that kettle of fish on the back burner, finally realizing that whatever the cost we must face our reality. It is always my heart's desire to inspire and paint a rosy picture – but even the rose has thorns. So, let's take a look at recent events, and see what it means to be a Light Worker in these days and times.

Following the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and China, and the eruption of the volcano in Iceland, the world was faced by one of the most horrendous acts of man against nature – the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This act of negligence, corruption and greed (on multiple levels), is threatening the plankton (the foundation of the food chain), the coral beds, and every other level of sea life – and the life of the oceans and seas as well! With all the talk about global climate changes perhaps we should recognize the damage that is created when we change the temperatures and natural conditions of large bodies of water. Five years ago, I wrote the book, Finding Peace within the Storm. At that time it was recognized that the pollution in the Gulf of Mexico was contributing to the increased size and violence of yearly hurricanes. If you haven't read this book you may want to obtain a copy. Just click on Books.

So what does the sinking of Atlantis (thousands of years ago), have to do with an oil spill in the Gulf, or a mine explosion in Turkey, an earthquake in Haiti or a hurricane in New Orleans? After all, the sinking of Atlantis was 'way back then' and the aforementioned tragedies are current events.

You will read all about the connection in a book that is being published by The King's Bridge and will be available sometime in June, titled, The History of the Hopi from Their Origins in Lemuria. This book was a collaboration between myself and the late Hopi Grandfather Oswald White Bear Fredericks. His manuscript came to me many years after his passing and his spirit joined me in our mutual effort to bring the book to the public at this time.

White Bear's manuscript reveals that we are currently living in the Fourth World – soon to migrate into the Fifth World – where the Human state of consciousness is superior to the ragged edges of the thought-forms that have created the world we are currently experiencing.

Hopi historian,White Bear, reveals the destruction and imminent sinking of Atlantis was caused by the arrogance, ignorance and selfishness of a few at the 'top' who pressed down and imposed on the innocent 'below.'

The abuse of science and technology (at the hands of the elite), so damaged the planet that an end to the Atlantean dysfunctional hierarchy was deemed necessary. However, Atlantis was not destroyed in a minute, a day or even years. It sank in degrees, thus allowing the exodus of the good-hearted, the innocent, the intelligent and the futurists. Everyone was warned of the upcoming upheaval. But, the rich could not leave their riches – so they stayed. The profane would not follow the compassionate 'goodie-two-shoes' (finding them boring beyond belief), so they stayed (even when their ankles got wet). The mad scientists could not abort their nefarious projects for fear the abominations they had created would retaliate for the suffering they had survived – so they stayed (knee-deep and waters rising).

Today, once again we are at the apex, the extreme stretch of a rubber band – a restraint so fragile its ability to hold is questionable. Terrorism, pollution, ethnic cleansing, extinction of species, bankers eating caviar while multitudes eat dirt – and more! Too many firebrands are in the mix! Something's going to give. Our world is tipping and the waters are rising. So where can we look for relief, for solutions, for a way better way of living?

While billions of ideas (ranging from personal anger and fear related to global tragedies), cloud the atmosphere (and are infectious on very deep levels), there is something else going on that is not commonly transcribed across the internet, or communicated over network media – or even whispered in many private conversations. There are good guys everywhere – doing acts of compassion, living it, and loving it! There are programs established by unimaginable individuals (within completely illogical circumstances), that set up programs to help the once-helpless, educate those once-seen as valueless, that call on communities to better the lives of citizens – etcetera – etcetera!

There is an energy rising from millions of Earth's citizens that is calling the Companies of Heaven to assist in the transformation of Earth and the conversion of the life patterns of her people!

A 'Call to Arms' – once considered a call to arm the military for war has a whole new meaning to Light Workers. A Call to Arms is the call to Love! The Universe is calling for a call to arms – arms that hug – arms that lift others – arms that reach out and serve. This is real – no airy-fairy about it! The Universe wants one thing from us! It wants an invitation – because the Law of Non-interference does not allow the Companies of Heaven to participate in our lives unless invited.

The world is composed of thought-forms and the planet responds to the actions of the inventors of ideas. Loving thoughts are lamps that light the way for descending Angels. Compassionate acts of random kindness open the gateways to Higher Ground – therefore the sinking of today's Atlantis has nothing to do with you.

We have a two year span to build a Consciousness Arc that can carry us to the Fifth World – to Higher Ground. Fear not for those that go down into the oily seas they have created. They will live again, learn of Love, to be restored and educated – and ultimately find their hearts.

The good, the bad, the ugly ducking and the mature and beautiful swan – these are all God's children in various stages of development. Remember, Jesus says, “I am not of a mind to lose one lamb.”

Long after 2012, those in the Fifth World will ascend into Higher Realms. And those 'left behind' will be prepared and ascend beyond the pin of the Fourth World to take their place in the Fifth World.

Free at last! Free at Last. Great God Almighty! Free at last!

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