January 2010

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

Haiti: The Lost Chord

The poignant sound of women and children singing hopeful melodies drift in air alive with the anguished wail of injured, hungry, thirsty and frightened people. This is Haiti.


January 12, 2010, all day long the news blasted details of the horrific earthquake that struck Haiti, violently shaking the inhabitants of that island community away from any peace they may have known only moments before. The news was particularly heart wrenching, considering the immense poverty that Haitians have experienced for far too long.


All night long, my dreams were filled with pictures of their suffering. I would wake and pray, fitfully sleep again to be covered with sorrow. In the days following, my thoughts have been with the people of that island.


Years ago, (1950) I worked in Jamaica and Nassau and observed the tremendous affect that class distinction and deep poverty can have on a society. And my personal experience, as a resident of Louisiana, when hurricanes Terrible Ivan, Katrina and Rita, imposed their ferocious force upon man and beast alike, taught me that Mother Nature’s nature is not negotiable when she has her mind made up. At least hurricanes are forecast so that evacuations can be put in place. But for the impoverished of Louisiana, no evacuation was possible – they were left behind to suffer Katrina’s lashing.


Poverty and suffering – what purpose can they possibly serve? Hurricanes and earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves – why must they be endured? We understand this planet is constantly building, breaking down and rebuilding. But she is also responsive to Human conduct and emotions. Have you ever noticed that many dramatic Earth changes occur where there is deep Human suffering?


Have you also noticed that worldwide compassion reaches out to those in trauma due to a dynamic tragedy such as Haiti’s earthquake? Yet moments before, the world turned a deaf ear to the hungry cries of Haitians. Haiti is a great lesson to us all. One that speaks to the manner in which we have used the powers of money, the military and how we use the natural resources of this planet, the galaxy and even the Universe.


Rather than spending billions on wars, often waged to accumulate the natural resources of other countries, why not use such monies to aid impoverished nations, to educate citizens in the ways of cooperation, appreciation and communication. The joyful activities of people affect the activities of Mother Nature. Planetary climates respond to the climate of the Human heart. Spending on the enhancement of Human conditions will make it less likely that billions are spent to restore people after a tragedy. And should tragedies occur that is what the military is for – to enhance the lives of the populace not to take the lives of others.


Somewhere in time, we lost the music in our Human souls, the music that creates harmonious relationships. The restoration of Haiti, and other nations in need, can put the lost chord back into place and cause our hearts to sing again! The people of Haiti have sacrificed so much to remind the world that compassion must now manifest in the heart of Humanity. Haiti is not a remote island, somewhere ‘over there’ – out of sight. Haiti and all other impoverished, suffering individuals and nations, live in the core of every other creature, and every other creature embraces what Haiti represents. When we pray for Haiti we are actually praying for ourselves. When generosity and compassion are expressed to others it is expressed to all that we are.


This is a dramatic moment of unprecedented change! And this is a Human thing! In other words, Humanity has created the world we live in – and the world as we have known it has completed its cycle.


The decisions we make (in this moment), will create the world as we will come to know it. In this moment’s breath we are creating our future and our mutual Human experience.


2010: The Return to Harmony


“Virtuosity and Generosity Bring People Together,” Yo Yo Ma


The Return! For more than two thousand years we have waited, we have prayed and longed for the return of the God Man we have called Christ. His voice sings in our minds with a promise that pledges He will return to us from the clouds – the clouds He is said to have been lifted into. We hear his mellow baritone calling us to love each other even as He loves us. “And when ye so love each other, even as I love thee, there shall be a new Heaven and a new Earth.”


Heaven will live in us when we can live for each other.


So, why must we live for anyone or anything that we may (seemingly) have no personal connection to?


Soon, we will come to understand, we are personally connected to absolutely everything!


The Universes are Kingdoms that out-flower, one from the other, into great spherical cornucopias of life – life that is broadcasting musical anthems – big, broad love songs that speak to all living things as well as those things that are not things.  


Each Kingdom has communities that are completely individualized and yet are complimentary to each other and dependent upon each other for the constancy and potency that keeps a Kingdom whole and thriving. This is often referred to as oneness, but oneness is not one slab of a thing, moving in one motion, one tempo, sounding but one note. Oneness is everything but static – it’s a waltz, a tango, salsa steps dancing to a universal rock and roll band; all entwined in the theater of life.


Oneness really refers to the interconnectedness of all life and the harmonics that make life function from bottom to top and top to bottom. And with that statement we recognize, that all life cycles and moves in circles – therefore, there is no up or down, no high or low, but simply degrees of energy. Life is an ever-changing tapestry – many threads of countless textures and colors, woven by Master Weavers who are collectively the multifaceted Many and One Universes.


Today, these Universes are often referred to as the Multiverse. Some scientists still regard all creation – anywhere and everywhere as the Universe – the one and only Universe. But that picture is changing as the Hubble Space Telescope and other sky-eyes, explore the vastness of space.


From the smallest of small to the most exalted and imposing, life reveals its dance to other dancers – but only when, the rhythms are in sync with the consciousness of the other participants. The subatomic realities are intricate and vital to the seemingly greater complexities. Life in the Maxi-kingdoms is as dependent on each little quibble and squabble of baby chicks as it is upon the grandeur of the Great Karmic Board and the Governments of Angels.


There are Kingdoms comprised of innumerable living organisms, completely individual in their nature, and yet formed as collective communities that function as one unit. In the Spirit Worlds it is the same. Angels live in Bands, within the authority of a designated Archangel, each orchestrated to function in a particular manner for a definite and designed purpose.


The really important part of the message the Greater Universe wants to get across, is that all life (anywhere and everywhere), is in constant communication. Communion is what makes the Many and the One whole. Every breath (taken and given), is universal conversation. Knowing this, we recognize that each living speck of dust, every sparking atom, every creature, plant, planet, star, galaxy and universe is intelligence at work for the good of the All. The old saying, “No man is an island,” is more than truth. We are part and parcel of the whole ‘ball of wax.’ We are candles all – lighting the way for each other.


Through our modern day technology and scientific prowess, we are able to peer into once-invisible worlds, from the tiny to the supreme – into the worlds of electrons and their relationship to protons, and onto what once was considered “Outer-space” – now considered the Greater Universe. So, what is next?


Our answers cannot come from what is next – our truth must come from what is now! We create who we are, what we are willing to experience, and what we become, from our momentary – each-breath creation.


Memory! It is a foundation for who we become. We cannot go back and leave our footprints in the sands of time. Our past is past – and yet it gives us the assurance that we have been there – done that – and need not do most of that again.


So, what is the Return to Harmony? In fact, what is harmony? It could be the absence of chaos, or the wonder of abstract ideas aligned in Divine order. It can also be a mix of illogical colors aligned on a cloth of many textures – it can be perfected orchestrations of symphonic elements in any depth, or the width and breadth of the grandiose music of the Spheres – and it can be the laughter of children accompanied by the chiding of old people. Harmony refers to a blending of simultaneous sounds of different pitch or quality that create musical chords. And it is the manner in which many diverse elements stack up peacefully in concert.


We always come back to the music sounding from all life because the so-called ‘Big Bang’ wasn’t an explosion but rather the joyous utterance when Love touched Love, when Love sang Creation into being!


So, let’s explore a few harmonics, relative to our dialogue with the Universe and with the elements and the diversity in the lives of Human Beings.


Human harmonic Oneness begins with the individual, and its responses to the other musicians that one comes into contact with, such as family, community, outer-influences and inner-influences – and how we respond and react to stimulation. Human emotions and thought patterns influence the subatomic and electronic participants in life, as well as the Spirit Kingdoms. What we think about, and how we feel and respond, determine how other Kingdoms can participate in the fullness of individual and collective existence.


Peace! Many long for it, think about it, write songs and books about it, and yet in all recorded history we have not experienced real peace. The rumble of war machines does not send a love song into the hearts of the other occupants we share space and time with. Any manner of living that creates conscious harm damages the harmonics of our Universe. Sending warriors out to demand peace from others only creates danger and suffering. History proves this truth.


Collective world consciousness has been continuously subjected to captivating propaganda – mind-prints that fail to serve the environment we live in. But Humanity is not helpless. We can create a better world and healthier environment – because the power of individual right thinking, caring choices and benevolent acts, create the harmonics that generate dynamic cooperation from the fullness of the Universe. Remembering that the Multiverse is composed of functioning individuals that craft societies, we note that the shift of an individual can and does alter the mechanics of the league one is functioning in.


There can be no doubt that millions of Human individuals are caught up in the chronicles and patterns of our ancestors, repeating today, the programs of a tragic mindset created by ignorance and fear. But ignorance and fear are simply a facade standing in front of the doorway to Paradise – they are not a barricade. They are not a barrier, because the intelligent and heroic acts of any individual can shift an entire program for the better. We underestimate the power of the individual. We have recognized it in its most negative terms, (speaking of warlords and such), but have miscalculated the supremacy of right action by an individual. One Light in a dark room can guide the footsteps of millions!


The eras of the past are simply repetition of old patterns. Even though centuries came and disappeared, bringing science and technology, they failed to truly evolve Humanity into a loving, compassionate and appreciative collective society. There have been exceptions to destructive self-centeredness, great Humans that historically standout as models for positive change, such as Gandhi, Einstein, and Martin Luther King. What they did had great influence but they were not able to shift collective Human consciousness.


Overtime, Master Teachers and Avatars came to show the way to harmony and peaceful coexistence, but when their work was finished, the collective once again melted into puddles of warriors and victims. So what was missing? Why didn’t the ways of the Sons of God stick?


They came, They gave, but evolving creation wasn’t ready. It simply wasn’t time. In other words, they were preparing us to gradually graduate, to become attuned to the harmonics of this moment of attainment.


The moment is upon us. 2010 – Birth – a new baby is on its way. Birth not rebirth! This moment in time, is releasing all life from time and space, as we have known it to be.


If you can picture the orbit of this planet you will see it moves in an elliptical pattern with a wobble that disrupts its time values, therefore the manner in which this planet and her citizenry have experienced space is oblique and tilted. Thus, information relative to space and time became scrambled or was left unspoken.


Now, Earth planet’s orbit is being reshaped, and with that, information the stars have been flashing at us for centuries, will finally reach Humanity, in the fullness of all the harmonic structures necessary for Life More Abundantly. Soon, the message from The Father Universe will be encoded into the Heart of Humanity – free from the distortions of the past. Will the message be received by all? As the old adage reminds us, “Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.” In this planet of choice all choose their path – often with some very compelling urging from “Above,” but no fruit shall be harvested before its prime.


The key to fully participating in this moment rests with the individual. The Earth’s orbit is to be reshaped by the Human conscious desire to Love One Another. When we love one another, we will take complete responsibility for our thoughts, our integrity, our generosity, absolute and instant forgiveness, and our ability to enjoy the success of others.


It is said, the first indication of personal mastery is when an individual recognizes the corrections that must be made in self – not in others. Real mastery is not a demand or command. It’s much sweeter than making something happen. We are the infants of infinity. Our transformation comes from innocence, the way a child goes to its mother for its needs, and for her wisdom and supremacy. We no longer need strength of character. All that is required is to allow ourselves to be cared for, to be inspired, to trust the inner voice and follow the guidance that speaks from our hearts. This is living in agreement with the Universe.


Making things happen has been mankind’s lot for eons. The slogan, “Make love not war,” is a contradiction in terms. Certainly, one can make war, but can anyone in the whole wide world make love? We can’t make someone love us. We can make sex but making anything happen is not a loving act. Allowing love and responding to it is not a demand. Surrendering to respect, appreciation and generosity is Love and those qualities are the core of the Universe. When Humanity lives in agreement with the Universe peace becomes our way of life.


Living in agreement with the planet, in concordance with her plant life, and the creatures of her lands, seas and air, creates an environment that allows sequences of primal oscillations in the frequencies of all organic and nonorganic existence. The vibrations of sentient life are meant to be complimentary to each and all. The integral vitality and association of all life-giving elements are essential for a harmonic Human environment.


This dance called life is composed of rhythm and attitude, spinning and whirling. We must dance without stepping on the toes of the other dancers, those moving with us in this magnificent Ballroom we call Universe. Just as a violin string is designed to vibrate so as to bring out the overtones of the other strings, the Human person, the other entities, energies, spirits and Powers are created to make all life sing in complimentary vibrations and tones.


2010 – We stand before the doorway to the harmonic entrance to the Fifth World.


2011 – The door is opened wide before us; the corridor is lit and inviting.


2012 – Step in, step up and step lively. The Fifth World says, “Come.” The Angels say, “Come.” The Universe says, “Come on in.”


We are on a journey, walking in the shadows of the mountains we have climbed, never understanding the struggle, but knowing we must travel on. There is a voice calling to us, urging us on. “You are not alone,” our Lover sings. “There are other singers who intone harmonies to your notes, who play the bass rhythms to your soprano duets. There are other singers who know the words and the melodies to your love songs.”


All that is required of humanity is to open.


Let us open our hearts and sing, open our mouths and speak words of love to all who will listen. When we open our minds we allow the flood of beauteous, illuminating music from Angelic Choirs to reshape our manner of thinking. When we open, our stubbornness disappears and we are shown how to surrender to the ease in which our transformation will occur.


“Open to Me for I have longed for thee, known thee, loved thee. Open to the revelation that you can live in true fullness, free from competitive urges, free from dramatic surges, open and ease into the Peace that is active, vibrant and yours–if you want it.”  


Heaven is the inner state of Oneness and Harmony with all life. When Heaven is the guiding principle of our lifestyles a New Earth manifests. Heaven comes first to those who are open to receive, for Love cannot penetrate a sealed heart, nor can it sing into a mind too busy to listen, nor can it pierce selfishness or self-sacrifice.


To open, when so much has been closed to us, is not a painless task. Remember, this is birth–a first time birthing–therefore, unlike anything experienced before. Mother Earth is required to open her secret places. And the mother that lives in our consciousness calls us to open our bones, stretch the 33 vertebrate that encompass our kundalini, and surrender to the force of Love that has been lying dormant in mankind. The ultimate expansion of the Universe cannot be denied, for God is birthing more God.


This business of expansion is a complicated affair and all-inclusive. Picture the Universe as a fishbowl containing a fish swimming in water. The fishbowl is the container that holds the water in place; the water is the container for oxygen, minerals, nutrients and other organisms, as well as a fish. The fish is the container for a cellular world. The Universe is the fishbowl, the water is environment and the fish represents mankind. As the fish (man) grows it needs more space to move in, and so, the water (environment) and the fishbowl (the Universe) must expand to make room for the growth of the things it contains.


2012 is the completion of the gestation period. 2013 the Age of Illumination is put into the waiting arms of Mother Earth.


The span of time leading up to 2012 is preparation for mind, body and soul, the necessary preparation that will allow the intensification of the Human form, the Human state of mind, and the downloading of new programs from Great Spirit into the Human soul.


The anticipated expansion of consciousness doesn’t stop and end with 2012. Once the New Heaven is accepted as real, here and available, the Fifth World will be opened to receive her now grown children. Then the Earth will be the Paradise it was always meant to be.


But the shift of the ages is not an earthquake or anything startling. Like any newborn, we will grow into full participation with the Golden Age that will herald the actualization of a New Earth. The opening to this reality is like waking from a deep sleep. It takes awhile to wakeup to the real world. Do not be disappointed if nothing seems to have changed. From your inside the outside may appear much the same. The important thing is that you will have changed for the better and Paradise will live in you!


And what about The Return? The God Man we call Christ, said He would return from the clouds. Perhaps He meant the clouds before our eyes, the fog in our brains that causes us to lose sight of the real value of the Human intelligence we have been gifted with.


This is the moment of intelligent application of sensitivity in all arenas of life. The intelligent application of heartfelt, beautiful thoughts will replace fear based, power driven patterns. Thus, we are given the opportunity to live in an era so new it cannot be tarnished or reworked by past events.


The power, the essence and the presence of God is being administered to all who are willing to receive. And yet, none shall come to the Table dressed in yesterday’s robes.


The current illusion that power in our world comes from politics, the economy, the military or threatening agendas, is trickery and deception.


Real Power comes from and through compassion, wisdom and devotion.

When these Christ Qualities are expressed through us these same Powers come to us - creating a world expressly created for many Christs - the Many and the One.


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