December 2009

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Christmas Lights & December Roses

The Human children of the One God are the Heartlights that decorate this planet. They are the Temple that Christ celebrates in.

There are times we fail or falter and fall short of our goals. But God is a patient and loving Parent, and even in the presence of our transgressions, God is a forgiving God

Yes, some of our lights are blinking on and off – as this Earth’s karmic patterns and historical chronicles seem to prove. But we must remember, when we are off-track, we somehow and somewhere in time, will find a reason to get back on-track. Very often, it is another person’s forgiving love that turns our light back on. We have all walked into and through darkness, unsure and often afraid. But, somewhere in time, there will always be someone who’s forgiving love guides us back into the stars.

Forgiveness is the center of love. Truth changes according to the environment and the storytellers. In the era when Jesus appeared in Jerusalem, the Pharisees had their version of the truth and Christ had His forgiving love.

Love is. Forgiveness acts. Forgiveness is an action that is generously applied to suffering. Forgiveness fuels love. Forgiveness creates the opportunity for love to be articulated in its most profound expression. 


The Legend of the Rose

The legend of the rose speaks volumes to those of us who talk about love. Rose teaches us about the depth, width and breadth of real love. She reminds us that appreciation, respect and forgiveness are the very core and heart of love.

 The legend: Rose tells us that God called her spirit to His side. “Beloved,” God’s voice was warm and tender. “Of all the spirits in My Kingdom, you are the most powerful.”

“But Sire,” Rose blushed, “I do no great works, I have no important tasks before me – alas I am small among your great dominions.”

“No, My dear, you are pure love. And love is the most potent gift I can bestow upon my creatures.”

With that, The Father of All, asked Rose if she would be willing to do a very brave thing for Him. “Among my starry heavens I have created a young planet with many evolving creatures in her midst. I need a representative who is willing to stand as a symbol of pure and forgiving love. May I rely on your cooperation?”

And so, Rose entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed in a thorny bush growing on the side of a mountain. “Perfect,” Rose said, “the thorns in life must be forgiven if one is to know true love.”

The legend of the rose goes on to say that the rose represents Human growth as well as love, for Rose starts out as a bud, tightly coiled, petals encircling one another, hiding the heart inside. Morning dew, warmth and light from the sun caress the infant bud, coaxing the petals to open, open, open. When Rose has expanded into full bloom, she drops her fading petals onto the ground in gratitude for Earth’s gifts of minerals, soils and waters.

It is said that even when an uncaring man grinds Rose’s fallen petals beneath his heel; Rose emits perfumed fragrance to bless the man with loving forgiveness.

Rose teaches us that beauty lives among thorns – that all life begins as a bud, locked in self-centeredness. But experiences (good and not so good), cause us to expand, to open and to ultimately drop the petals of our bodies onto the Earth (from which we began), in ultimate forgiveness, gratitude and love – and then to fragrantly rise beyond our yesterdays.

Like Rose, we Humans left our starry perches in the heavens, to descend into Earth, to land in a thorny and demanding environment – a very brave thing to do! We would be wise to remember we are the rose and not the bush, the thorns, or the wounds the thorns can inflict. We Humans are roses sent to teach the world compassion. In every Human heart is a yellow rose for godly wisdom, a blue rose for God’s Will and a pink rose for absolute love!


The Legend of the Christmas Rose

I remember a story about Mother Mary and Rose. The scene is set in a monastery somewhere in the French Alps. The Monsignor, a very large man with a big belly and a wonderful sense of humor – that is, when he isn’t hungry.

The table is laid for the evening meal. The Monsignor quickly takes his seat; tapping his knife impatiently, he calls the other monks to dinner. In-between noisy bites and sips of wine, he tells witty stories to entertain the brothers at the table. This scene is repeated almost every night.

However, one evening a brother does not show up at the dinner table. Impatiently, the Monsignor sends one of the monks to find brother John. When neither brother comes back to the table, the Monsignor loses his sense of humor and angrily gets up to look for the wayward two.

The Monsignor’s angry footsteps echo across old wooden plank floors – but stop abruptly when he sees brother Timothy kneeling outside of brother John’s room. The Monsignor peeks into John’s room – and what he sees send him scurrying back to the table.

“Hurry! Hurry brothers! Come quickly!” Rushing feet thunder down the ancient hallways, and stop immediately at John’s door. All drop to their knees behind brother Timothy.

What they see takes their breath away – and resolves all doubts any of them may have had about the Virgin Birth.

Here is the sight the brothers are privileged to see: John, kneeling, praying the rosary. And with the completion of each prayer a rose bud comes out of John’s mouth, blooms in mid-air and joins huge bouquets of rainbow roses that have gathered around Mary the Virgin who is standing in the center of the room.

The brothers reach for their rosaries, on bended knees they join John, ardently reciting the familiar words – words that now have a more profound meaning than at any other time in their lives. When the room is filled to capacity with myriads of brightly colored roses, the ceiling disappears as a full moon shines from the night sky, illuminating the kneeling brothers, while hundreds of roses ascend to join the stars in the firmament.

Mary, Her hands cupping Her immaculate Heart looks upon God’s men with tenderness and appreciation. Slowly, very slowly and deliberately, She removes Her heart from Her breast. She extends Her breast-filled hand toward the brothers and they see that Her heart has become a blood red rosebud.  Cupped in Her hand the rosebud begins to bloom. Blossoming petals falling away to reveal a small infant child, centered in Mary’s hand, bathed in radiant light.

“He is born from the womb of My heart,” the Virgin says. “And, there is a rosebud in your hearts that is ready to bloom – revealing the Christ Babe that nestles there. Nurture this child with love and you shall blossom in the Garden of Great Spirit!”

In this commanding moment in time we are Commanded to love one another, “Even as I Love thee!”

Love? What does “Love one another as God Loves us” really mean? Let me offer a few of my observations.

In order to love others one must love one’s self. To respect the rights of others one must respect one’s self. To be tender, generous, kind and forgiving one must be tender, generous, kind and forgiving to one’s self.

Beloveds, this thing called ascending consciousness is an “Inside Job.” It all starts and ends with each individual. And I can promise “us” that the Universe will check us out to see where we are on the Love thermometer. The Universe will allow experiences that we may not deserve, incidents and encounters that are the revealers to the temperature of our temperament.

Recently, I experienced such a day. Invited to speak at a public event, I was ignored, embarrassed, and treated unkindly. Anything and everything possible to make me feel uncomfortable (and to alter the audiences response to my presentation), occurred at the hands of those in charge. I cannot deny it took me for a turn, for the welcoming committee had gone to lunch somewhere.

What is important isn’t what was done – but what I would do in response. I thank God I have been around this world long enough to step back and take a look at the landscape. Once I dealt with the surprise, I found I could love the elements and those who created the environment. I loved “them” even if they were not loving to me.

Every moment, every breath we take, we must really recognize as our lives – as we create them. The questions that continually rise from the depths of our souls is this: Who are we? Why are we here? Why do we suffer and how can we find solace in this world of magic mirrors that warp the image of whom we are and who others are. These are a few poignant questions that must be answered by each individual, according to each one’s conscience.

Life asks if we can act godly in the face of humiliation and even danger. When others attack us we have choices. We can retaliate or rejuvenate, we can honor the dishonorable by forgiving, (perhaps something they have never known), we can see beauty in the beast, and light in darkest regions of our experiences. We can do this!

And we can do this because God Loves us in all of our ways. And if we want to be godly we must love all others “In all of their ways.”

Outward appearances are just exterior manifestations. We rarely meet the soul that rests in the façade life’s conditioning has built. Fear and loneliness create steel structures, hiding the real person behind closed wet eyelashes.

It is so easy to judge others by the way they appear to be. We can be God’s miracle workers if we just choose to love others as they are – not how we want them to be.


In Closing

If I may, I would like to share with you our personal Christmas story. Only a few days ago, my sister Blanche and I stopped to fill our car’s gas tank. After pulling up to the gas pump we realized we had no money. Things have been tight for us and we have been stretching our dollars till they squeak.

“I have some change,” Blanche said, “Let me count it.” As Blanche reached for her coin purse, I saw a man with a back pack and wrinkled clothes approach another man who was filling his tank. The man with the car reached into his pocket, handing the man without a car something before turning his back. The man with the backpack turned toward me. He looked crestfallen. I jumped out of my car, motioning him to approach me.

“Blanche! Give me the coin purse!” Blanche got out of the car.

“Please, hold out your hands!” As the man extended his hands toward me I saw he had been given 26 cents. Humiliating!

I look at Blanche, she smiles and nods yes. I tip the open coin purse upside-down and silver coins begin spilling into the man’s open hands. Silver pours like a waterfall at Yosemite into the man’s hands, filling them until coins pour onto the ground.

“Oh, my God!” The man exclaimed. “Yes, your God!” I answered.

“I can go and get out of the cold and have something warm to eat. I am not a bum. I was a man of substance. This has been the worst time in my life.” Tears – words stumbling.

“Things will get better,” Blanche said.

“This is an early Christmas!” The man’s eyes luminous and moist.

“It’s right on time!” We chimed. Blanche and I knew we didn’t have that much money in our purse – that Christ poured His love and faith into that man’s hands and in doing so He allowed us to witness a miracle that will always fill our hearts with gratitude.

So, here we are living together on Earth, passing each other, many times without recognition, accepting the blessings of the Universe, all-too-often failing to share with a stranger or even a friend. When we fail another we fail ourselves. This is the Law of Oneness. The Law of the Circle tells us, “ What goes around, comes around.” The earthly experience is all about us – every one of us – learning together, being together – maybe understanding none of “it” but caring for and about each other.

We are a bouquet of glorious unfolding Roses, fragrant, sweet and pure – even when the world thinks we are skunk cabbage.

Humanity, and all of its varieties, are the sparkling lights on the Tree of Life.

Life will be as we believe it to be.

Mary Christmas! Through Mary we know Christmas. Mary is the Messenger and Christ is the Message. More than two thousand years ago, Christ changed the way we thought about ourselves and our relationship with God.

In this time and place, Christ’s Light willingly and lovingly enfolds us all. Once again, Humanity is at the apex of an evolutionary shift that will change the mindset and the reality by which we conduct our lives. In this time and place, every moment, each breath and every blink of an eye is a Christ Mass.

A Universal Celebration of Love is dancing into our lives! So, let’s partner up and party into the Fifth World.

The Commandment for December is Rejoice!

Kaih Khristé King & Blanche Radiance

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