October 2009

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Angel Valley and the Spirit of Truth

The Transparency of Light

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

The Mirror can show us many things about ourselves and those we stand with. From our earliest beginnings and for more than centuries - age to age - epoch upon epoch, we have gathered in clans and tribes. In doing so we found many reasons to envy the guys across the way, often attempting to imitate their customs, glean from them their secrets and garner powers that did not belong to us.
Imitation is not truth, and in the case of the disaster that occurred October 8, 2009 at the Angel Valley Retreat located in northern Arizona, truth and integrity were traded in for personal gain at the expense of others. In fact, according to a local Verde Valley newspaper, the event in question is considered a mass casualty incident involving more than 55 people - 3 who died as the result of a spiritual ceremony… a spiritual ceremony!
A program designed by James Arthur Ray for “Spiritual Warriors” attracted a large number of naive seekers, who were invited (at $9,695 a pop) to participate in activities that included a Sweat Lodge, imitating Native American spiritual practices usually focused mostly toward purification. The cost to the participants was much more than the dollar amount paid to use their lives to imitate tradition and ancestral rituals.
The mirror asks, “Who is to blame?” Each one of us can hold the mirror in front of our faces and answer, “I am the problem and I am the solution.” Fame and fortune do not qualify a philosopher as a spiritual person, nor does a climb into the public spotlight certify an individual or a philosophy as good and trustworthy, nor does it make a person a Shaman, a Priest, or an Indian Chief.
The mirror shows who we are – so we must ask ourselves why do we imitate rather than initiate? Every bloodline, karmic line, lineage, race and religion, cult, clan, culture and tradition has its beauty and power as well as its black magic, trickery, illusions and sleight-of-hand games.
Clan and tribal knowledge can be a recipe for disaster or delight. In the hands of a master such knowledge can bring healing, necessary medicine, purification, inspiration and spiritual powers. In the hands of an imitating fool it destroys, harming both the initiator and innocent participants.
Worldwide, we have had an opportunity to see this very premise expressed in the tragedy at Angel Valley Retreat. A self-appointed spiritual guru, imitating Native American ways, invites individuals to experience a Sweat Lodge as a part of a journey to become Spiritual Warriors. Let’s just think about the terminology. The mirror asks, “Do the words spiritual and warrior go together or do they stand at opposite ends of the spectrum?” A warrior participates in conflict. A spiritual person brings about resolution, is devoted to negotiation on behalf of peaceful outcomes, and is willing to sacrifice to accommodate the well-being of others.
To all those who seek true spirituality, PLEASE, do your homework. When you are willing to follow the guidance of another Human being, PLEASE, check that person out. Ask yourself, “What is it that attracts me to this person?” What is it that person has to offer? True spirituality is not a bumper-car race at a carnival. It’s not about better sex or multiple orgasms, how to get more money in your bank account or how to empower one’s self. Real spirituality is about investing one’s self in the well-being of other Human beings and caring for this planet and her creatures.
In this developing era, greater Light is shining upon Human life - more so than at any other time in our history. The mirror is not here to reflect blame on an individual but rather to focus on a spiritual “industry” - one that must now take a look at itself.  Every faith (be it traditional or new age) devoted to expanding consciousness and bringing greater wisdom into the Human experience, must now take a look at what is being promoted, taught and accepted.  
In every spiritual persuasion there are “pretenders” as well as spiritual leaders of profound integrity. And there are distinguished tribal leaders who are attempting to educate the seeker and to facilitate activities that can restore and rebuild communication between our many communities upon this planet.
Too often we point the mirror at the world to show ourselves what is wrong in this globe of shadows exposing the dusky players who shuffle the cards in the poker game of life. It seems easier to point out what is wrong with the world than it is to look into the mirror at our own image.
The tragedy at Angel Valley is truly heartbreaking on many levels, and one cannot put enough words together to speak to the depths of the pain and sorrow that surround the events of the day in question. And if we look around at the many tragedies that occur worldwide on a daily basis one could lose heart all together.
It is said, “All things work together for good.” And yet the mirror questions how that could be. “What good can come from distress and suffering?” If we are willing to really take a good look at ourselves and the part we play in our own life (and in the lives of others) perhaps we can learn the lesson the world is trying to teach us. Perhaps the world is attempting to speak and say, “Wake up! Don’t waste a minute or an opportunity to be all the good you can be. Transform yourself and the world will change around you. Use every skill and talent given to you to be a blessing, in every way, in every situation. Walk your talk, spread your wealth around, smile at strangers and share your bread.”
Human beings are handcrafted by the One Creator of all life. Our differences and individuality has been purposefully designed to please our Designer. We are wildflowers of many differing hues and rainbow colors, of variant sizes, shapes and patterns, all crowded in the same meadow we call the world.
Whoever we are, priest, banker, dancer or Indian chief – we possess skills that are to be shared. Across the miles of this Mother Planet there are people with special abilities, handed down from their ancestors, from generation to generation, passed on to qualified individuals.
Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a gathering of concerned individuals and groups. The subject related to the issue of Sweat Lodges, and to who is qualified to conduct them, as well as to Light Workers who adopt ancient or mystical methods for healing and/or teaching and for guiding society in spiritual matters.
In this day and age, many are inspired to look to alternative ways to conduct their lives. In every nation self-identified Light Workers appeal to those looking beyond the traditional or orthodox religions. I recognize myself as a Light Worker and a spiritual guide, as well as a person who must stand in integrity at all times, in order to identify myself with the Living Light. I also recognize that I am not qualified to identify myself as an expert in the mysteries of the ancients. I teach what I know and honor my Brothers and Sisters for what they know, and I do not tread on their territory.
As Light Workers, we look into the truth that mirrors our image. In doing so, we must evaluate who we are, who we are representing and what is our message. We must ask ourselves if we are playing a carnival game focused on gathering groupies, promoting personal wealth, or personal prestige and importance – at the expense of others. The primary goal for Light Workers must be the well-being of our mutual society.
It really doesn’t matter if we are Native American, Norwegian, Latvian, Peruvian, if we are from the mountains of Tibet, the deserts of Arabia, the forests of the Redwoods, or any other part of this precious Blue-green island planet in the sky – we are indigenous human beings! We brought our cultures to this planet and we developed them here!
Why? Why did we come? Why does each culture have its special and most wondrous treasured art, medicine and natural pathways? The answer is – we have been imbued with these gifts so we could share them with other nations! To educate the novices of other nations – and to allow ourselves to be educated – and to recognize each Human being and every individual as a carrier of the gifts each tradition most joyfully puts forward!
While this is being said, it must also be said, that each culture must be responsible for the absolute integrity of personal and tribal teachings that go out to cultures seeking integration and interaction.
In this moment, the mirror is pointing at us! Who do we see, there in the image before us? We see more than we could have imagined. Before we made our original descent from the stars, into the clouds that now seem to surround our thinking, we were Spirit without form. Now we are Spirit in form. We need not imitate – we need to initiate, to get some altitude in our attitude. We need to appreciate our differences, put our innate skills and unique methods for transformation together for the greater good of all.
Sister Thedra, one of my early Teachers, quoted Jesus Sananda this way, “I have given you a portion. I have given many others a portion. When ye so love each other that ye put thy portions on the table together – then, and only then shall ye know Creator’s Plan.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? In this concept the word fair means fair, just, impartial and non-discriminatory. It also means fine, good and bright, beautiful, generous and tenderhearted.
Like Grandmother Naomi (wife to Hopi Grandfather White Bear) said, “It is the light and dark in our nature that counts, not the color of our skin.” We are fair when we are fair with each other.
The mirror asks the universal question, “Will you love each other as I love thee?”
We are on the brink of a new beginning. Let prejudice, tribal pride, falsehood and arrogance die. As the calendar of this age winds down, an opportunity is being born. Like Jesus said, “It will be as we think it will be.” So let’s think with our hearts!
Brothers and Sisters, we are love, we are lovable, we are loving, and we are the Beloved!



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