September 2009

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

The Moment of Intense Illumination

Enter! The door is open. The Light is on. Come on in!

The utter intensity of the energies of this breathless moment we are alive in, can scramble our brain cells, startle our DNA, snap our eyes wide-open and sing symphonies into our ears. Our skin shines in goose bumps, our steps quicken, our fingers tremble as we reach toward the picture we have painted on our soul.

For we must now live the mural we have called our lives. Finger paint - not indelible ink - this has been our medium. Finger paint! It washes off! We are not chained to our past nor are we tethered to a distant future. We are here - NOW! And what we do now really counts.

What happened "before" - your fault or theirs? Let it go! Forgive it all and be free. For unforgiving thoughts and feelings of grief will bring you grief and continuing loss. In a world seemingly devoted to conflict and blame, you are a Light on the pathways of other pilgrims - those others who journeyed from the stars and who have also been overwhelmed by disinformation.

There is no such thing as a born sinner. Absolute Perfection created Humankind therefore we are perfection born into an imperfect world. At our core that perfection doesn't change - but our choices and the environment we experience can influence the manner in which we live, therefore, causing us to forfeit or receive the blessings that were naturally ours at our beginnings.

The Universe has a bank account with your name and number on it - mine too. Compassion, generosity and intelligent choices increase the inherent inheritance held in your account. In other words you are investing in yourself when you give of yourself on behalf of others. When selfishness, greed and self-empowerment are your choices you borrow from your account, with the possibility of your own personal Wall Street crashing all around you. Interesting - when we look at the title, "Wall Street." Walls, fences, borders - they either hold us in or keep us out. Both can become uncomfortable and restrictive.

The Master Jesus tells us that after we die there are only three questions asked, "What did you contribute? What did you learn? Did you learn to be kind?"

We are living in the greatest, most profound age imaginable, and yet, one might call this era a paradox. On every level of experience we find the sincere and the insincere, the trustworthy and the charlatan, those with a vision for a better world and those who are determined to destroy.

There is evidence of extreme contradictions in Human consciousness. At every turn in the road, in every tick of the clock and every misty breath we breathe, we are making choices that create the world we live in.

Why does society shift and stumble, rise and fall, gain and lose? The answer might be that the people of this planet have choices. Many off-planet populations live hive-like existences, where individuals are born into roles that are unchangeable. They serve the level they are created for and never aspire to anything else - for there is no choice.

But, Planet Earth is populated by individuals with freewill. We choose, we aspire, we desire - we dream. We are given opportunity to change our role, change our mind and change the world we live in - for better or for worse.

History shows the rise and fall of empires, good and evil in opposition to each other, and all too often we see brother against brother. The record also tell us there are Saviors, Avatars, Saints and Winners among us, creating mindsets and thought patterns that cause us to elevate and advance - to evolve beyond the matrix of times long gone. But the great Teachers and Way Showers are also participants in the Law of Attraction. They are drawn to those who tremble in a vibration that is complimentary to the Master Light.

God gives us life, and because we live in the atmosphere of choice, we create the lives we live, influenced by our birthplace, our karma, culture and education. We see evidence of our freewill moving in the shadows and in the High Lights.

There is a legend that says the lowly scorpion has the potential to become the eagle and fly the sky. And the lofty eagle has the choice to stay true to his nature, soaring on outspread wings. But if eagle is tempted when he sees his reflection in a mud puddle and drops from the sky to admire himself he will crawl like a scorpion.

Mankind has the potential to rise and live in Godly compassion and consciousness - and he has the latent selfish, self-centered, egotistical possibility to crawl like the scorpion, stinging everything in sight - even himself. Stand up or fall down - sometimes it's a choice, other times it is circumstantial, but our attitude determines the outcome.

Years ago, when Blanche's granddaughter, Hayley was in her crawling stage, she taught me an important lesson. As we watched her scoot from one end of the room to the other, we were charmed by the little bundle of love. Our enthusiasm spurred Hayley on - the child willingly entertaining us with adorable antics. Then she stopped, caught her breath, took hold of the leg of the coffee table, and with great effort and determination pulled herself up until she was standing. She wobbled for a few seconds as we cheered her on - and then she fell on her bottom. I expected her to start crying. For a moment, Hayley looked up at us wide eyed. Then the magic began - slowly a smile spread across her little face - and then she began to laugh and roll about the floor in utter delight.

Hayley didn't focus on the fall - she had accomplished standing. Not long after, she was taking her first baby steps, followed by running, dancing, tennis and any other adventure that appealed to her. The Master Jesus tells us that God never sees our falling down but only knows the courage it takes to stand back up again.

Mankind is tossing a coin, for some it will come up heads and for others it will be tails. Listening to orthodox media, one might think everything is tails, for a load of attention is on what is wrong, dangerous and debilitating. And we can see there is plenty of tail spinning going on in every element of life. But let's remember Hayley's lesson. People fall, some wilt into the dust and stay there, and others reach inside and find the heart to stand up and be counted.

Evidence is everywhere as to the high and low in Human nature. An example would be the religious focus on the "End Time." From every religious persuasion we hear warnings that an end too horrible to contemplate is near - that certain sects will be saved because they follow a particular protocol, and that everything and everybody outside of a specific modus operandi will suffer unbearably. Some factions even do things to hasten the "End" - The End - a time when everyone but himself or herself will "pay the price."

And then one hears about a coalition of some seven hundred churches (of many denominations), that are studying alternatives to global warming, investigating "Green Living" - teaching sustainable living and supporting clean water for natives in Third World countries. This is only a partial list. And the beauty of this kind of involvement shows us the well runs deep. When we act in intelligent, heartfelt and contributing manners our creative nature becomes a fountain to the thirsty, a footpath for the weary and our generosity provides a reason to live for despondent wayfarers. And we are the real benefactors, for we find "Joy" in our lives - Joy that once crossed the street whenever it saw us coming.

This Moment is Opportunity! Mega Opportunities! For every person who may fault another there is the Still Small Voice shouting, "I praise you! Now praise others!"

This planet is more than sand and soil, seas and rivers, forests and mountains and the atmospheric elements that surround her. Just as Human beings are more than bodies, this planet has a soul, a spirit and an innate intelligence. The difference between this Mother Planet and the creatures that she gives footing to is that she has no physical hands and arms to reach with, no legs and feet to move about with, and no voice to say no with. So it seems she is silent and inert. But she is not. She wearies of man's indifference to her needs, her rights and her desires - and so she storms and floods; she cries into the force of her windstorms and converts lush wetlands into deserts.

The Mother is speaking and it would be wise if we listen. The Master Teachers tell us it is not too late - but it is time to hurry. Trust God to lead you to your soul's involvement with the transformation of Earth and Mankind. All that is needed is willingness and cooperation. As John said, "Love each other and there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth."


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