August 2009

Newsletter from Kaih Khristé King

The Council of Nine Speaks
through Kaih Khristé King

Let us introduce ourselves, for some of you are not familiar with us. We are a working Order of Messengers, Mechanics, Engineers and Bridge Builders between developing worlds.

We are a multifaceted, multi-voiced and multi-minded Universal Group of One. Our business is the Will of The Almighty.

We are Spirit-kind, unlimited in the worlds of form, for we are completely capable of manufacturing very Human-like bodies, in which we can walk among the populace without causing a commotion of any kind. We are very active among you, in this "moment" while Humankind faces the Factor of Nine. Some reference the Factor as the End Time - or the Beginning - depending on your point of view. We know the Factor as simply the Completion.

Humanity is currently and swiftly approaching the completion of who they have been and the commencement of who they will be. It's Birthday time. What worked when you were toddlers will no longer be appealing to you. Soon there will be nine candles on your cake and you will need enough breath to blow out the past and pass the cake. This is celebration time and we are here to help you rejoice!

September ninth, two thousand and nine - it approaches. So what does this mean in Human terms? We are here to explain.

First let us say the Universes are created mathematically. They are composed as musical symphonies - some in the bass cleft (material worlds) and others in the treble cleft (nonmaterial). So numbers are important to creations and to Our Creator because He and She create to please who They are.

So let us look at the numbers and see what they mean to Humanity and its evolution at this juncture . If we first take a look at the 666 it will help you to understand 999.

The reason 666 is so reviled is it is the number of selfishness. 999 is the number of generosity and compassion. 666 is 999 turned on its head. 999 is from the heart.

666 is into self - "back to me, back to me - I fear for myself. So, I take what I want while I grumble, I lift my sword when I am afraid, I run from my neighbor for I fear him as I lust for his wife and goods."

999 receives from the Universe not from other people. "The flow of Supreme Love comes into me, flows through me and goes out from me to bliss all life. I hold nothing to myself."

9 is the number of completion. History no longer follows the awakened, the future is predicated on who "I am and what I do - NOW!"

9+9 = 18 (9) - 9+9+9 = 27 (9) When 2 is added we have 11 - the master number that is the open door - as in 09/09/2009.

This is the "moment" when 666 realizes it equates to 18 (9). The 6 will turn its head to the stars once again and that will allow the spread of Light. In this "moment" anything that breathes is offered a new beginning.

Between this now moment and 999 the work of Light Bearers is vital to the well being of the populace. Of course you do not stop there at 9, but following the date of 09/09/2009 Humanity will find they have more "gas in their tank" and a better view of the skyscape we all journey in.

The future? What you think and act on will have a more dramatic affect than your current and past experiences have revealed.

This is a completing phase and it will serve you well. You are actually moving from one house to another but this time there are no boxes to pack and no furniture to move. Your physical reality will be dressed in a garment of Light and this is where you will live. Some of you will feel a tremendous shift in your lives and for others nothing will seem to have changed. Don't try to assess, question or judge - yourself or others. Our best advice is, "Just proceed. Allow the "Work" to be done through and for you. Succumb to the Universe as it embraces your thoughts."

666 is all about making things happen. 999 is "Let It Be!" Of course there will be things to do and marks to meet, for you are reaching out to a sleepy planet in the early stages of awakening. If you will allow our assistance you can rise above the struggles of the past.

The secret the Angels know is absolute cooperation. They travel, work and accomplish in Bands, each with specific skills that serve the Greater Good and God's Command. The "secret" also belongs to the Sacred Human. Relationships and togetherness. How sweet it is!

There is more of course - there is always more!

We will speak again. To speak with you, to be with you, to help you - this is our Joy!

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