Summer 2009

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Born Again

Born again! That famous phrase means many different things to many different people. It's a phrase commonly used when a Christian receives Christ or the Holy Spirit. To a gambler who has been on a losing streak it means a winning night. To a starving child it means a warm meal before bedtime. To a man on death row, a stay of execution is being born again to live another day. To a foot soldier it may mean a more comfortable pair of boots, a letter from a lover or a box of cookies from mom. And to a nation in turmoil it may mean better and more sensitive leadership.

Born again... to live another day... and to live in a better way. The world we live in is changing more rapidly than at any other time in the past and although it may seem the scepter of death is unmistakable, the truth is, this entire world is being born again to live a better way.

Such a statement may seem contrary to worldwide news reports that speak mostly about ominous events; war over here, war over there, global warming, crime and mayhem, oil prices skyrocketing and intercontinental currencies devalued, thus negatively influencing international business practices and banking safety - while stock market integrity becomes questionable. Food shortages and high prices for simple staples such as flour are causing rioting in many corners of the Earth - and for those whose starving limbs are not strong enough to stand or walk, they rest in the quail-trance of their transition.

Human suffering is peaking and whole populations are concerned for the well-being of the planet and for the security of future generations. This is just an abstract sketch of the concerns riding through the minds of our global citizenry. But it's enough to remind us that we are facing some challenging moments, in this, the most profound call for adaptation Humanity has ever experienced

So, the question is, "What are we adapting to?" Historical chronicles point out that what this world is currently undergoing is the very same set of events and responses that have plagued mankind over time. From the first caveman's insensitive response to his family and neighbors, man in due course, has repeated the ignorance of brutality and domination of the weak and the poor. It's the same rise and fall scenario that has inundated mankind from the beginning of Human occupation of this planet. Humanity has been reliving the same continuing war against the world's children, one that simply relocates from region to region. What has changed is that our current populations are immense and so the scream of the innocent becomes louder than in the early past. But nevertheless the muffled cry of one is as poignant as the roaring scream of millions.

This is who we have been. But ... we are at that point in time when we cannot continue as we have been. The Universe is commanding Humanity to step out of its worn-out winter underwear and get naked in the Sun ... to step up out of the patterns and scars of history and enter Her Story Our Universal Mother is writing a script for Humanity that commands immediate advancement into our real nature, one that is humane, enlightened and loving.

Over time, we designed an infant world and shaped it as it is today. We have done what we have done. And now ... it is done ... and the Birthing of an enlightened society is in process.

Our Father is the Designer who created time, space, and dimension - our Mother is the Designer who gave soul flesh, and desires, passions and chemistry. Humanity is an emerging child of time, space and dimension, of soul, flesh, desire, passion and chemistry - and illumination brighter than the noonday sun.

The whole of Humanity is a body of consciousness created by emotional responses to environmental experiences. Although we have lived many lifetimes in the confines of this world we are an infantile race carried in the womb of illusion. Yet, there is no fault in being young for the young are expected to be immature. However, the current mindset is creating a danger to the Mother Planet - and so, Humanity must evolve - to be "Born Again" and resurrected into a higher plane of existence.

As we look around at current world affairs we see that things are a mess and we are at a low point for our common comfort zone. But then, birth is not easy. This global birth can be simply compared to the trauma experienced by any Human baby during the birth process.

So, let's look in on an infant in its mother's womb and picture what it might be like; one moment baby's all comfy and cozy, sucking its thumb and dreaming its embryonic dreams, and in the next breath - bang! A tidal wave of energy is tearing at his limbs. Stunned - suddenly dreamtime is spinning and turning - everything is upside-down - his feet are in the air while his head is being siphoned into a narrow cylindrical tunnel - a black hole.

An arcane force belches him toward the unknown. To survive, the young one must narrow and lengthen its body each time the surging force pushes his shoulders forward. He thinks he is dying. The umbilical cord that once fed him and kept him safe now becomes a twisting snake intent on pulling him backwards while an enigmatic surge forces him face first into folding and unfolding petals of an unfamiliar kaleidoscope of spinning colors and geometric shapes.

And then... then there is light! Light? "What is it?" But before he can wonder any further he feels a gentle something touching the top of his head. Tender hands urge him forward as he emerges out of the inky blackness of his migration and opens his eyes to a room full of happy faces greeting him into a fresh new environment. In his newborn ears he hears a strange sound. Not realizing it is his own voice echoing against the walls of his past, he hears the voice of his mother saying, "There you are, my son! There you are, victorious. And here you are in a whole new world. Relax now. Be at peace."

To live well with our Earth Mother we must be born into the arms of our Universal Mother. The journey is not an easy one but it is so worth the effort. If you experience troubling times, keep your mind on God The Most High. Let your mind rise to the highest thoughts possible. Our Redeemer is presently with us - as are our Benefactors. Remember all the turmoil in this world is but the birthing from one reality to another.

Like it or not, Humanity has turned its head toward the Light of a more profound sincerity, wisdom and truth. And in doing so, the past scrambles into the dark recesses of a "used to be" time past, as the future lifts us into the sublime reality of authentic peace, of genuine world well-being and accelerated creativity.

This is and always will be a world of choice. There will be some who are not ready for the Age of Illumination. Fear not. Their time will come. And because the Principle of Oneness and the Law of the Circle prevails, some of our brothers and sisters will be born into the Glory of Light in this era - others will follow when they are ready.


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