This book is dedicated to the lover – and the beloved. One truth – one reality! We will explore Woman (on many levels) from times past, to whom she appears to be today . . . and who she can become.

MAGNIFICENT WOMAN, Who Are You? This book was created to inspire men and women alike; created to shape a society – as our Creator intended it to be. We have featured fourteen Goddesses, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene – and the women they walked with. We have explored the lives of inspiring women of the recent past and valiant role models for our current era – heroines all! The common factor among these women is this; each of them had hurdles to jump and troubles to overcome – yet all found the hero that lives inside. Men or women; all heroes reach into the lives of others, transforming situations with possible life and death consequences. They inspire greatness and find ways to lift others into a brighter light and a fuller vision of available opportunities.


“What a beautiful and remarkable book! Magnificent Woman is a treasure – a celebration of the best of womanhood. A beautiful work of art and a gift that has touched me. Thank you!”

Jennifer Molton Kellogg

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