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Our mission is to touch and lift Human hearts with inspirational books and fine art prints. The publishing department of The King’s Bridge reaches out to the awakening planet with inspirational materials that can free the seeker from limitations and the worries that today’s world often presents.

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Currently, The King’s Bridge is publishing the works of author Kaih Khristé King and artist Blanche Radiance. At this time, eight books are being distributed.

Finding Peace within the Storm, was written following the deluge of Hurricane Katrina. It is a spiritual and historical look at the Louisiana Territory and shows how current ecological and environmental practices negatively effect the weather patterns of the entire planet. This book is more than an exposé and is filled with promise and hope.

Beyond the Horizon, the Divine Destiny of the Sacred Human Revealed, is a beautifully illustrated coffee table book. Filled with mystical and spiritual messages, this book also contains wonderful stories about Hopi Grandfather Oswald White Bear Fredericks, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein and The Dalai Lama.

The Apple Tree, a novel. The early pages take a look at a broken family, child abuse and hunger, all the while imparting a real message of hope. This book also contains a most unusual love story, one that continues even after death, and explores show business in its heyday. Romantic, mystical and spiritual, this novel will stay with the reader long after the book is on the library shelf.

The History of the Hopi, a collaboration between Hopi Grandfather Oswald White Bear Fredericks and Kaih Khristé King. This book tells us of the destructive history of mankind, and that if we do not shift our consciousness into a higher place we will destroy the world we live in. It tells of the adventures of the Hopi Migrations, Hopi Prophecies, about Lemuria and the rise and fall of Atlantis, the truth about Kachinas, a look into Clan ceremonies, Hopi legends and more.

Opening The Codes Within the Lord's Prayer:  In the days when He walked the Galilee Jesus gifted the people with a prayer that not only gave them words to say but also carried within the words a Code—one that conveyed an even more potent intensity, for the conversion of Human behavior, than historically understood.

Opening The Codes Within the 23rd Psalm:  The 23rd Psalm is one of the most beloved prayers in the Old Testament. Christians and people of the world’s many and varied faiths take comfort in the rhythm and poetic, chanting quality of the Psalm’s words. This book was written to explore the Human experience and our relationship with the Divine. The Codes tell us what it really means to lie down in green pastures and walk beside the still waters.

Opening The Codes Within the Human Odyssey:  The codes within the human odyssey were left by our ancestors to help us read between the lines of written and accepted history – to guide us to the secrets embedded in the human brain and within our DNA.

May 2014 release!

Our newest book, Magnificent Woman, Who Are You? is now available from this page as well as delivered from Amazon. The price of the book is $22.00. We are very excited about the potential for opening the heart while reading this book.


Your donations make it possible to publish the above books, and as The King’s Bridge grows, with your support, “The Bridge” will assist other artists and writers with their publishing needs.

We believe the loss and destruction of ancient libraries such as the one at Alexandria, Egypt promote ignorance and poverty among the general public. Anytime a dictator, church or government wants to rule with an iron hand they destroy libraries. Hitler and Mao broke the will of the people by publicly burning libraries and private collections of books and art.

Enlightenment is a must if we desire a better world.

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Kaih King and Blanche Radiance currently reside in the Verde Valley of Arizona.

 Kaih is available for presentations.


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