The History of the Hopi

From their Origins in Lemuria

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The Migrations of the Hopi People are the History of Humanity.

In the pages of this book you will come to know White Bear as a man. And experience his walk with a “Man” from the stars, a Man he called “The Master” — a Man Christians know as Jesus Christ.

This book tells us of the destructive history of mankind. And that if we do not shift our consciousness into a higher place we will destroy the world we live in.

This book tells us of a World waiting to be occupied. The Fifth World can be entered by changing our relationships with each other, and by respecting our planet and all Creator's Creation. The Fifth World can only be entered through a corridor of Loving Kindness, from the Heart.

The adventures of the Hopi Migrations, Hopi Prophecies, about Lemuria and the rise and fall of Atlantis, the truth about Kachinas, a look into Clan ceremonies, Hopi legends and more.

It's all inside!


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