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The Divine Destiny of the Sacred Human Revealed

• Who we have been • Who we are • Who we will be

BEYOND the HORIZON examines and questions some of our favorite, well-worn ideas about God and Humanity, birth, death and reincarnation and investigates the validity of scriptural translations, the Da Vinci Code and the theories related to Adam and Eve.

You will meet Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. in a whole new setting with intimate aspects that reveal the kind of spirit our world inherited from them. You will become acquainted with the effect the Dalai Lama's special brand of love and appreciation has on young people.

This book will introduce you to a Hopi Elder and his Caucasian wife. Their philosophy and their legends paint a portrait of the Cosmos that is quite different from the picture we get from most scientists and historians.

The ideas contained in this text challenge some established philosophies and the theories of certain scientists and theologians. Nevertheless, the book explores, probes and becomes an adventure in Spirit unlike anything you may have read previously. Jesus Christ, Ascended Masters, Angels, the Greater and Outer Universes, as well as the Inner Universes and much more -- it's all inside!

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