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The Divine Destiny of the Sacred Human Revealed


Excerpts from the Introduction

The intention of this book is to help us open to a range of ideas that may have been hidden in the archives of our history, or that are stored in future libraries for our observation. We are at an evolutionary flashpoint and some of our favored ways of thinking may not serve the direction of the path before us.

Just beyond the horizon, rainbows of possibilities are building momentum, just waiting for an invitation to enter our hearts and minds. Just beyond the clouds that have dimmed our vision, there are Angels holding baskets of ideas so profound and illuminating that they would have blinded us in past times.

We have been through so much on this planet. And we are weary of the stress. We need something to hold onto. We need a break from the struggle for survival and we need a promise that there is a future in our future. Ever since John wrote the Book of Revelation we have been programmed to expect "the end," and a nasty one at that.

But everything in my experience is telling me to prepare for the Beginning. While wars rage and people wonder if tomorrow will come, we are entering the most profound evolutionary moment in history. Through spiritual, religious and scientific innovations, we are being lifted beyond the mechanisms of the past, into a forward style of thinking, which will usher into our lives a glorious yet earthly experience. We can now expect the sublime moment when Angels will appear where fighter jets once flew.

And so, let us journey together into the pages ahead and hopefully we will discover what the garden of our thoughts holds for us. And I hope when it comes time for you to write your own book, you will accept the challenge. And if it's not a book, maybe you will express your soul in art, or music, or your own very special brand of truth and compassion.

Most of us are poor judges when it comes to the extent of our personal talent, worth and ability. So, don't worry, don't try to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps or rely on guts and skills. Just get quiet and begin. Write, paint or draw, sing or play with anything that comes to mind, even if it appears to be gibberish. Later you will edit. Perhaps you will throw away ten pages as you find that single page that says it all. Art, writing, or playing an instrument may take practice, but the effort invested is so worthwhile. Give inspiration time. Don't be concerned, don't give up or give in, just give.

Like the song says. "This little Light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"

Remember each of us is a lamp unto the feet of our fellow travelers.

From time to time, throughout the pages of this book, you will find the Master Jesus Christ joining us with messages to fit the elements of the text and bring them into another level of thought, and occasionally, you will also hear from Ascended Masters.

This may seem strange to some, but most of my life I have walked with my feet stretched between the worlds of differing levels of Light. Spirit, in all its complexity, lives everywhere, with us, or without our cooperation. God in His and Her grandness is in every little bit and in every eloquent Magnificence, agreeable, desiring a closer relationship with each of us. There is God in it all. And we will never be able to conceive of Its fullness, because God is ever evolving and expanding, and so are we!

Spirit comes to us in the way we are prepared to receive. For whatever reason, I have been consciously involved with Spirit since early childhood. While saying this I do not claim to be a psychic, a prophet or a special person of any kind. I am open to Spirit, and so on the level that is appropriate for my life and my service to those who seek Spirit, I receive.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wish I knew who said, "Don't die with the music in you." Just those few words speak volumes. I hope we all can come to live for the music in our souls, and part of that music is saying words of approval. Appreciation is the attitude of love. A smile, twinkling eye contact and spoken compliments all say, "I love you."

Let's not die with an unsaid "thank you" tucked away for another day. Let's live for all those that may never know freedom, comfort or even a moment's peace. Let's redirect our breath, our focus and our consciousness to The Light. Let's do it for ourselves and for every other person who is too overwhelmed or captivated to do it for themselves. If those of us who live in the free world will choose to become peaceful and devote ourselves to increasing our consciousness, we will change the conditions that others who are helpless cannot change for themselves.

When an individual makes the effort to increase personal consciousness, the effort is magnified by Spirit with each conscious breath. When we are conscious of our breath and our intention is to infuse Light into our being, it becomes an invitation to Great Spirit. With that invitation we are saying, "Come, Great Spirit, inhabit my entire being with your Light." With this invitation the in-breath saturates the body-mind with Spirit Light which moves and acts in ones entire being. The out-breath (filled with Spirit Light) then travels to any willing soul and enters their world through their in-breath. If a soul is unwilling to receive and you have intended to surround that entity with Spirit Light the blessing will remain until invited.

In this manner we increase the Light available to everyone, creating a more loving and kind atmosphere for all -- without interfering with free will. This is how peace is attained and maintained. The mentality that causes war will cease when war is no longer attractive. Warriors won't want to create, continue or sustain war. It won't feel good!

Every person has a song in their soul. It may manifest as a book, a painting, a garden in the backyard, kind acts toward others or increased personal awareness. Each one is equal to the other. Beauty is in the expression of each part of creation's willingness to share what lives in the soul. If a field of wildflowers refused to share their blooms, we would not know the likes of Van Gogh. If a waterfall refused to pour and create reflective ponds, Monet would remain unknown -- what if Itzhak Perlman refused to play? Beauty is dependent on creation's willingness to share and express.

The merging of the Families of Light with the Family of Man is eminent whether we like the idea or not. This is birth! At the completion of the gestation period IT happens. We, of this Outer Universe are getting ready to be Born Again! Inside and out, like it or not!

The layers that have clouded our vision and our minds are dissipating in the glow of a Golden Light anointing this Universe, for God is expanding to birth another Child Universe. This child shall be named Shekinah: the indwelling Universe of the Mighty I AM, the next dwelling place of the true Hue Man and Woman. This is the moment for a New Heaven, a New Earth and a new reality for mankind.

This is an era designed in and for communication. Individuals experiencing contact with the Divine are not as fearful to declare themselves as they were in the past. This is the time to open up because soon communication with other dimensional realities will be as commonplace as picking up the phone and dialing a friend or turning on the TV or the computer, all so mysterious just a few years ago.

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