Kaih King

Kaih Khristé King...

an unusual woman

...an unusual life.

To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.

"Every person on Earth is special. There are no small people," she says. "All people are born to greatness but we are not privileged to know how great we are ... only God's eyes can see the real truth in the Human spirit. Our experiences shape our lives and we shape the world we live in according to our reactions to what comes our way."

Kaih rose from poverty, malnutrition and severe child abuse to become a role model, a business woman, a publisher and writer.

At 12 years of age she was taken out of school and sent out to find a job. She applied for a waitress job at the counter in a five & dime store near her house. She knew how to work. She was the eldest child in a large family and felt confident that she could handle that job. But the manager said, "You don't qualify," to which she answered, "But you haven't even seen me work." To that the manager invited her behind the counter and handed her a wet rag. "Wipe the counter off," he said. But she couldn't reach the surface of the counter top. "You're too short for this job. Come back when you grow up." She started to cry. She needed a job.

"What else can you do? Maybe waitress work isn't it." The manager got down on one knee and looked her in the eyes. "What else can you do?"

"I can sing and I know all the words. I've been singing with my mother all my life."

And so a career as a cabaret performer was born. Her years in show business spanned the big band era, the demise of vaudeville and burlesque, supper clubs and hotel lounges. Some of her heroes were Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Rosemary Clooney and Patti Page. She sang their songs and the songs of her mother's time. She went on to survive rhythm and blues, bebop, and even became a rock and roll drummer before she bowed out of the so-called limelight.

Show business was a difficult role for her, as she was shy, but her younger brothers and sisters were her motivation. For most of those years she felt unqualified for the role she was playing. Only after turning forty did she feel a sense of comfort on stage. When she left show biz, she found real joy incorporating her skills as a singer and drummer into her presentations on Universal Spirituality.

The Transformation of a Warbler into a Bird of Flight

Kaih's father came from a devout Catholic family - her mother converted from her Lutheran background to Catholicism. At six years of age she was reading such books as, Tobacco Road and The Grapes of Wrath. At seven, due to her Catholic paternal grandmother's insistence, she was sent to parochial school and "Nana" gave her books on the "Mysteries" with the hope that as an adult she would join the Sisterhood. At this early age she began a two year span of nightly journeys though the Cosmos while spirals of golden pulsating bands of Light enveloped her physical body.

At nine the family moved away from the city into the country. Doctors thought it might relieve her father's stress and his anger tantrums. At that point her spiritual adventures were traded for mere survival for herself, her mother and her brothers and sisters. Today, Daddy's tantrums would be diagnosed as bipolar disease which led to the destruction of the family unit and almost killed all of them.

But the children survived to become adults - all in their own way - finding the courage to rise from hell to a better place. When you have known hell it's your right to know Heaven. And so, Kaih resumed her journeys into the Realms of Spirit

Today, we have in our midst a woman who has known both sides of the coin, and she has prospered. Her compassion and wisdom come from the real world with all of its challenges; as well, she comes in the Spirit.

Kaih has been privileged to sit with Elders from various Native American Tribes. Some of the great metaphysical geniuses of our time have been her teachers - preparing her for unusual inter-dimensional encounters. She has had numbers of visitations with Christ Jesus as well as meetings with a number of Ascended Masters.

Kaih says, "The appearance of "Others" in our lives is natural. We are spirits currently inhabiting the material worlds. The "Others" are our extended family who live and travel many kingdoms unattached to any particular space or time. As a planetary family, Humans have forgotten they are made in the unlimited Image of Spirit and so they have come to view themselves as attached to the body, but we are actually free to travel the dimensions of Light, when we allow ourselves to personify the Spirit that designed us. Think of it this way, you are an instrument like a telephone. Physically, the telephone is handheld and stabilized in time and space yet your essence, through your voice, transcends time and space and can travel instantaneously thousands of miles to the one who has called you. Spirit is calling. Say hello!"

Kaih's presentations are transformational, informative, warm and entertaining, with lots of storytelling and good humor. She comes across more like a family member rather than a slick stage personality. Her books reflect that same warmth, all the while bringing forth vital information on the Divine Destiny of the Sacred Human.