Award Winning Artist Blanche Radiance

image of Blanche Radiance

Blanche came into this world in 1929. She was born to art. From the beginning she had limited eyesight but the fire to create beauty consumed her thoughts and shaped her existence. Before she could walk she could draw. By lying on the floor and placing her face on her arm only inches from the paper she drew the images of people and landscapes that she saw in her mind.

As a teenager, Blanche won a scholarship to Gene Hundredmark Commercial Art School, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and over the years she continued her studies at Santa Monica City College and Otis Art Institute in California.

As an adult, she endured many operations on her eyes - sometimes seeing better for awhile but always challenged by pain and the recurring fog that returned to haunt her vision and disturb the flow of her art ... when she couldn't see to paint she painted by touch. "I never considered the problems I had with my eyes as a handicap. In fact, I think God limited my eyesight so that I would look into my heart and see the subjects for my art with the eyes of love."

Blanche is an illustrator and a classical painter working with various mediums according to the projects she is involved with. She is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters and three equally beautiful granddaughters. "Watching my girls grow into more beautiful people as they live each day is the joy of my life! The privilege of being a mother is the greatest art I have ever known."

Ms. Radiance is the recipient of the Rare Book Award for her illustrations in the book, What's Keeping You, Santa written by author Margaret E. Picket. (Blanche received the award in her married name as Blanche M. Brown). What's Keeping You, Santa was selected by the Carnegie-Mellon University Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for their Rare Book Room for outstanding quality of production, uniqueness of story and artistic excellence.

Many of Ms. Radiance beautiful illustrations from the books published by the King's Bridge are available as fine art prints.

Friendship and Teamwork

image of Kaih and Blanche

Blanche met Kaih in the 1980's. Kaih was publishing Gabriel's Horn and Challenge Magazines - publications geared toward universal appreciation of diversity, toward compassionate care for our planet and her people and the inspired means concerning global well-being.

Blanche became the art director for the magazines and Kaih's closest friend. When their adventure with magazine publishing was complete they went on to establish a center for global and interpersonal grassroots dialogue based on healing relationships between differing cultures and ethnic systems. Conferences, the teaching and studies of various spiritual and religious practices, and varied approaches to healthy living, as well as many celebrations kept them busy on the converted Arizona ranch.

For eight years they played host to the lost and the found. People from all walks of life found their way to the ranch with its lush gardens, ancient trees and four medicine wheels. It was not unusual to find Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheists, Tibetans, Brazilians, Europeans, Africans and many sects of Native American tribal people, all at the same ritual and celebration. And that is only the short list.

These women have walked as spiritual sisters for more than twenty years. They have shared many transformational and mystical experiences and have combined their families as one. They are happiest when collaborating on creative projects.

Blanche and Kaih are Grandmothers in the most profound sense of the word and "Young at Heart," is their theme song.