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The publishing division of The King's Bridge is proud to present the works of author Kaih Khristé King and artist Blanche Radiance.

In an era when everything in the world seems topsy-turvy, upside down and certainly on the downside in many ways, author Kaih Khristé King's insightful philosophy portrays an "inside" out picture of a spiritually evolving Human person and a surfacing community of such individuals who are living in every nation, culture and religion.

To quote Ms. King, "Prophets of old predicted this moment we are living in quite accurately. War, poverty, broken banks and broken dreams; some nations on the rise and others falling apart while global warming is bringing violent weather patterns to our current global experience. It's all there in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel."

"No doubt about it, the prophets of old told it accurately. But, they didn't tell the whole story. They told the scary part and left out the miracles because they couldn't see the wonder of this moment. For the first time in recorded history the animal-in-man will lay down his sword (and her mirror). We are fast approaching the moment when the Holy Spirit comes upon the world - transforming warlords and the self-indulgent into fully Lighted Human Beings."

"There is an awesome and splendid Light descending upon this planet. All the hidden places where dirty dealings take place are being shined upon. This is why things seem so overwhelmingly tragic - and they are. The difficulties we are facing are revealed for our benefit so we may correct the way we live and heal the wounds of yesterday. As Greater Light increases and is bestowed upon this planet everything is revealed - the beautiful and good as well as the bad and the ugly. The profane and the sublime are all subject to the same intensity. It is each ones personal choice to respond to beauty or run away from it. A Garment of Light is prepared for us by the Great Weaver of Time and Space. It's ours - if we want it."

Kaih's philosophy and sensitivity, her skillful talent and futuristic ideas are more than imaginings - they come from the Light that is entering our Human reality at this time.

That same illumination is brought through the superb art done by Blanche Radiance. Visions, portraits and landscapes open the pages of the books done in collaboration with Ms. King and her fine art prints are deeply valued by the collector.

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